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Hey fizzd, I made Spanish lyrics for All The Times, which I also posted on the YouTube video for it. Enjoy! Maybe you could make it in more languages!

No me abstengo
De tu amargor
Una vez y nunca más
Hago excusas sin cambiar
Hoy, no intenté
No puedo alejarme de ti
Ni esconderme
De la paz que me das a mí
Todo lo triste
Va desapareciendo por hoy
Tu tentación
Me entras ya

Me dicen que está bien
Que voy a vencerlo
Y después de todos los tiempos
No puedo alejarme de ti
Tu tentación
Me entra otra vez

What does the error message say?

cool beans! I think I’ve commented on some of your videos before (Tyler Raymundo Hailee Raymundo Jaime Raymundo is my account, but this is just Tyler), and it is so great to see you still accomplishing things! I might make a fangame, but for now I'm just making a game inspired by Yume Nikki. If you need any help with graphics or music let me know and I'd love to contribute! :D

Wow, this seems really cool so far, and I like the character and the pretty backgrounds. Are you the same guy who made that 100-something episode long playthrough of 2kki on Youtube? If so, then I really enjoy your dedication! Hopefully your project will become something fantastic!

This game has amazing music and great, original scenery. I love all the Gary Numan music, and the black and white worlds that seem like something from the original game. It's a shame it won't be updated.

I have RPG Maker 2003 rather than MV, so I am not too sure as to how it works exactly, but, I would recommend to of course play test the game after "exporting" it, on multiple computers if possible, as well as checking through the files to make sure no saves are left over. Of course, I don't have MV so I wouldn't really be too sure.

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I do not have a SoundCloud account, although I do have some original songs on my YouTube channel, here are two songs I’ve made:

There is also one song on here: and another here:

There is also original music in my dehmo game on my account. Some of my songs may not be the highest quality but I have improved recently, slightly. I’m also very good at making ambient music if you need that. Hope this answers your question! :)

Hmmm, thanks for the offer! It really means a lot, but we’ll just have to see what happens. I don’t have as munch time as I’d like to to work on this game. I doubt I’d have enough done by then. We’ll see.

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This game is pure gold. I absolutely adore RPG Maker games and this has to be one of the best ones I've seen. Seriously. You're up there with OFF and Ib. I love the sarcastic tone to the game, and the suicide references. Also, the fact that the leg hair keeps you warm is hilarious. I can't wait to see what this becomes!! (Also- this is very stupid, but... how do you get it so that everything says demo on the page?)

Haha, I love the old school aesthetic of the game!!

Thanks so much for playing! This game will continue to be a work in progress and I will add more things. Of course, if you have any suggestions or assets, email me them!

I have never experimented with this before, but if you want to make it so the effect only lasts for a limited time perhaps you would use some sort of parallel process or timer to automatically turn it off? I’m not too sure, unfortunately.

I cannot wait for this game to be out on Steam, I have been playing it ever since 2013. What can I say? The music is amazing (how many different styles there are), the gameplay is simple yet addictive, and I love how it teaches different things in music, like dotted eighth rhythms or 7/8 time to spice things up. The artwork is also adorable. I am a huge fan of Rhythm Heaven so of course I would love this game!!

I really hope you guys update this game again. I love both this and Rhythm Doctor equally. This one has such great music and fun gameplay, I absolutely adore the idea of turning geometry into rhythm. And I cannot get the songs out of my head!

While I myself am not going to make a fangame...

...I'd be willing to help.

If any of you need original graphics or music let me know.