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im on windows 10, how do I run this game? I've unzipped it and can't find any executable

After level two, it's just a black screen

You need to update the game to lock the mouse in the center of the window. Currently to look around behind you my mouse goes off to either of my two other monitors on the left or right.

Love it, reminds me of the old fishing game on myspace. It had quotas and time limits and a shark that could knock you out of the boat. It brings back those good memories. 10/10 game.

The pigeon offers me weed but gives me beer?

I played it a little bit, it seems leaving a mark is tied to distance covered instead of it happening immediately when you press space which seems like a strange way to do it, try holding space and run up and jump to the wall if that makes sense.

I was reading through the open source list of game engines but I'm not familiar with any of them. Are there any you would recommend for someone new to game creation? Ruby and Python are the languages I'm most familiar with if that helps with your suggestions.