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Switch colors by touching a cans with colors on the edge of screen and try to re-draw faces... You are right, I'll remove music from final form of project... Thanks for playing the game!

Well, there is no way how to win the game. I made this in time delay so game isn't finished yet. Almost all mechanics you mentioned were originally planned to add right into the project (music, better health system, art etc.). I'll try to add these things in near future. Thanks for playing the game and amazing feedback!

Fantastic idea, i laughed so hard! :D

Thanks for playing the game and advice! I'll try to improve algorithm of spawning zombies and their lives sometime in the future..

Hi 🤗

Simple, but very funny game.. Greetings to all tortles from the jam ! :D

Very good, simple pixel art game. i love it :D

Thaks for positive feedback! Yep, the controls are little bit retarded, but I wanted to add som new,original feature so i added that. Thanks for playing The Hungry Turtle! ^ω^