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I played it a little bit late, very original and respecting theme Idea, Very Well deserved 2nd place :D

Nice idea, the basic mechanic is great you just  more  mechanics such as power up or new obstacles etc good job. 

Nice Idea , the graphics and the sounds and the gameplay were so coherent with the concept, The only problem is that it started with hard levels from the beginning, some tutorial levels to get used to the mechanics would have been nice, but overall its a great Entry ^^

Great Job Guys i really enjoyed getting Lost for half an hour XD

Amazing graphics and so much professionalism in that last touch .

Keep up the great job guys.

Nice and funny  Concept Bro keep up the good work

My favorite game so far, you did a great job from the creative idea to the nicely done game design.

Keep up the great work Bro ^^

Greetings from Algeria.