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Green Leaf

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I will be playing this on stream!

I really enjoyed the story and people in the stream liked it as well but there are a bunch of performance issues and bugs that kept me from really enjoying the game as a whole.

I Played your game on stream and I really enjoyed it. I am still not sure what the scabs are though!

Loved the game, I had vaguely recollections of watching it on YT a few years back but now playing it myself it was so... confusing

I loved your game, I played it on stream and I took forever to understand that i could double jump 

I really loved this game, the boss battle was quite interesting and the atmosphere was great, it had a couple bugs and it ends a bit too abruptly but it was fun.

I played your game a while ago but I enjoyed it a lot. I even made a video of it!

I loved this game... it had bad jumpscares and GREAT ONES, I can't believe how the good ones got me so good.

I liked the game quite a bit but it needs a few... well multiple bugfixes and a bit more tutorials about items 

I enjoyed your game, it was fun but the krabby patty car was a bit buggy

I liked it a lot anyways, The surreal feel does give you the possibility to make your own story and interpretation so if you went for that it was a great job.

I had fun with this one and the timing of everything was just perfect

I had a ton of fun with your game... though i didnt really understand what was going on... it mostly devolved into nonsense fun

I enjoyed your game a LOT, it needs to be adjusted the difficulty a bit cause some of the early levels are harder than later ones. 

Thanks again for telling me to try your game, I hope it grows more

I loved the game, really original and I didn't get the pun until I started playing.

Nice game, It was more fun than scary and just after I was editing the recording I saw the floating body in the water, nice touch

I had a ton of fun in the game, got me a few times (f*** lightning) my only advice, Danny was a bit too predictable

I had fun with your game, just... the door opening mechanics were a bit odd

no probs, LOVED the game

I had a LOT of fun solving this puzzle... I still dont know why the sink is unheated food

I never expected your game to be so fun to mess around with Lebron

This was so fun, I could make so many jokes with the setting, I LOVED IT

I loved the game, 
I loved the game, great pacing and nice puzzles. Can't wait to see more from you!

This was a really fun game to play, short and sweet. It had one good jumpscare that made me jump haha.

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I really enjoyed this game though... we should have had an option to walk away at the end

This game was INSANE!! Playing it on Flu meds was WEIRD!!

Loved your game, IT WAS A GREAT JOB