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I don't know what to say. Everything about this game is so beautiful. From how the story flows to pretty designs (the art is so PRETTY and the descriptions are so well detailed). I really love the interactions of the MC with the characters, and Its so well written that I want more of it 😭💗 Thank you for making this! Good luck on the upcoming updates. 

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I just finished playing the game (I got two endings) and I LOVED IT. I'm already making theories in my mind as I type lol. So here are my two possible theories I came up with...


So first is these two bunnies are just a hallucination and everything that happened was just in the MC's mind. But the thing is, it was actually happening in real life. Like when the MC popped the balloons and they heard the scream, it just means one thing... They killed a few people there at the park. And when the MC went with Blythe to the arcade and got locked up, I think it's the MC getting arrested and locked up in the prison for killing.

My second theory is these two bunnies are actually real and they are the MC's bunnies! (lol Dandelion) They've been with the MC's for so long and saw her struggles and what she does on a daily basis. They are very attached to the MC (based on how the MC described how adoring the Bunnies are just like other animals like Dogs) They also probably felt sorry for the MC and wanted to help them. SO when it's MC's birthday, because of the wish, these two bunnies turned into humans and tada! But it's just a theory, a bunny theory.

But yeah lol, I really like the game overall. Especially the music and the voices, like omg, the voices of Blythe are so O o O I have so words. AND the music, I always find myself listening to it for a few seconds before playing or exiting the game. (The Quit scene though O m O)

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Spoilers below :D

When I was trying to find otome games with yandere character in it, I found this, and I'm so glad I did. I really have no words to say LOL. The story is just GOOD. It got me hooked 'til the very end. You might find me weird for this but I kind of felt sad when I got the ending 8. Like I shouldn't be, but considering Osgoode's situation, it made me feel bad for him. I don't know, I have mixed opinions. Well, because he killed so many people (the boy has to eat after all lol) and trapped Camille inside the mansion, ate her hand, and never let her go until the end. As for Camille, I want to give her a hug.

But what I like the most about this game is the BGM. It really fits the ambiance of the game.

10/10 would play it again for Osgoode.

I played this in the middle of the night, no regrets.

I'm so happy I found this gem! >w<  It was fun, and the characters felt so real. I'll DEFINITELY look forward to the next update!


The story is so good! I can't wait for the next update to come. Alex is so adorable. I was actually going to choose Eli but Alex got my heart 🥺💗

Nooo... I still want to explore the house with my buddy :(

The story got me hooked. It kind of reminds me of a game Bad Apple Wars, where they are all trapped in this "world" (because they're already dead or almost dead)  Anyways... I can't wait for the next update to come out!

I love it, its written very well. I didn't really think much of it when I started to read the story, but as the story goes on, met each characters, and read their stories, I've come to like them and the story itself. I can't wait for the next update!

It's a short game but it left me a bittersweet feeling after reading the Archivist's note. I also like to imagine that both of them went to meet each other, in a park, in the autumn.

Anyways! You did a great job, it's a simple game and enough to make you feel many emotions :)

I really like this, I can't wait for the next update to come out. I'm sure this is gonna be a one heck of a roller coaster adventure with the 4 LI, mixed with comedy, drama, AND ROMANCE, ofc. Keep it up!:D

I think this is the first IF game about time travel I've played and I'm a sucker for time travel stories. The demo really hit me hard because I'm in the same situation as the MC right now. The uncertainty and feeling of failure is so strong, the MC here is relatable. Anyways! I'm so excited for the next update, you did a great job of conveying the emotions of the character and how smooth the flow of the story goes.

This game will forever be one of my favorite games I've ever played (no lies) I like that you can see from the beginning to end how your relationship progress with everyone in the game, especially Cove. Tbh, I haven't finish reading the final step because I don't really want to end it yet q w q


Cove ♡ best boi

Another very short and good demo I found. I really like how detailed it is, from MC's personality to each expression/personality of each characters. The artwork is pretty too, can't wait for the next update to come out :D

Noooo, I'm already getting attached to these characters and it just ended up like that q w q

I can't wait for the next update. The UI and the overall design is so pretty,  and it tunes well with the ambience of the game. The story got me hooked, mainly because of the MC's humor. I like it when I can joke around with the characters in the game. (btw, the glitching text is hella cool. idk how you do it)

When I was playing this game, I thought I'll be getting the typical "two-yandere-boys-coming-after-you-because-they're-obsessed-route", but it turns out to be something more and it just made me play it again and again to get each endings. It was pretty fun :D

I felt sad for Yuzuki and Haruto though, this couple doesn't get a rest, and even  Ichigo and Aimi (I was hoping that each couple would get a happy endings but that won't be fun isn't) >:3 jk

Anyways! It was a pretty fun kinda adorable game. I'm a little biiiit late but happy valentines day everyone! ♡

Okay, I think I found another gem. I'll look forward for this game to come out completely, and the Stranger looks so adorable :D (though a bit ominous on the side)

Omg, this is the best q w q it reminds me of MysMe (if anyone knows, hello fellow MysMe fan!) I like all of the characters in this game, Xyx and Quest are gorg, Toast and Owl are adorbs. Lady, June, Onion, Nic, 22... basically everything about this game is chef kiss. Honestly, I didn't expect the game to have deep lore, I just wish we could dive in more on each stories but this is fine, it's already good. Thank you for making such a great game (and for releasing Xyx, hopefully Onion can have its own route too lol)

All I can say is wow.

I like how vast the story goes. There are many outcomes for every choices you choose. I also like the fact that there is a map (it just feels like I'm in an RPG game lol) and that we will see more new places to go, meet new characters, etc. This is one of the best IF games I've played, will look forward to the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work! : D 

I like this game, the UI is so smooth and pretty, everything about this is pretty. The story got me hooked. I'm looking forward to it, keep it up! : D

The story is good! Keep up the good work : D