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Sketch of the awesome Dr. Frank


**********************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS ***************************




Dr. Frank is so adorkable. Iggs is adorkable. The Monster is adorkable.  (I laughed at the "Papa" jokes).  The game is so funny and the art is cute!

I got the platonic/normal ending. Is it bad that I didn't  feel sorry for Dominik's fate at the end? I felt bad for Dr. Frank essentially being lied to, even though he and Dominik weren't together for that long. It was still pretty messed up for Dominik to run off with Dr. Frank's research. (I mean, I guess he gave citations? But like it still felt wrong. I dunno how to explain it!)  

Dr. Frank being torn over to pack up and finally leave the town he was brought up in was good too. I've been in a similar situation and it's rough, but sometimes it's the best thing to do to live a better life. So there was a bit of growth on his part there!

I see comments below about the text similar to what I was thinking, so I won't leave feedback on that.

I'm gonna do another playthrough because I don't think I learned enough about Sylios and his past. I picked up the dictionary first time around (and died promptly after) so I'm guessing I have to do something different with it next time.

Anyway, great job! I love how rich and colorful your characters always are. I look forward to your next VN! =D

(I'm drawing Dr. Frank, here's the sketch attached)