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Not really - I know it's a modern system that's more powerful exponentially than the best arcade machines - roughly equal to a "Cray Supercomputer" of the 80s making it look "Retro" without the strict maddening limits computers of the day placed.    It's not "Purity" rather  an Aesthetics opinion.  

Anyways, I gave my opinion - if you add it no problem, I won't go screaming it's the end of the world - might try it and will comment if I like it!

Not to fog.

"One Man's Opinion" but the "Aesthetic"  of this is  imagining if an  80s era  vector game (Asteroids, Star Wars, Space Castle, Space Dungeon,  SwordFight) had anything like a modern computer to drive it.

"Fog" is a remnant of early 3DCG and was notorious on systems that plain could NOT handle full 3D.  This was cleverly used to legendary effect for Magic Carpet (IMO it would have FLOPPED without it) and again on "Silent Hill" where they forced 3D games on a Playstation barely able to handle it.  The effect is a dial away in Zbrush due to that and it even is a feature in "Minecraft" because when the latter got out a lot of computers couldn't handle the simpler Voxel based  program due to its scope.

So while Lovecraft stuff might be <> with hard vectors - you've made it work and adding fancy features like fog will lead to calls for some things having textures then ... etc.    A fancy feature - fox, bloom, textures might do for a manifestation of Cthulhu, Nyarlahotep, Shug-Nigguruth for they are intruders into that elegant vector reality- but that would be limited like staying in that area does too much damage so the character has to flee with effects on the edge.

Again, "One Man's Opinion" but have bought the game on Steam and play it now and again.

Just FYI the payment went through to you, at least according to PayPal.

So far using it, have traced a few images - is very good.  Nothing fancy but relatively new to the pixel format.

I guess for now people should just be used to a delay in the payment getting to you - since "Persia" triggers something (PayPal) and the Gubernment needs to investigate...  But since anyone can download the software too, they should just pay to be nice and dl anyway so no delay hassle on their part.

>Maybe a government department is currently testing Paint of Persia and maybe they find it good too!

I'd hope so!  IMO its something some bored desk agent could have a LOT of fun with without 'playing a game at work'.

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Hey!  I just bought this via PayPal ($5) name your price.

Got a note that PayPal claimed it had to block it for review up to 72 hours due to "Government regulations"...  so they say - first time I've had any issues...     Based on some searches in their forums it's likely the word "Persia" that triggered it.  Yeah, as if your name your price utility might be funneling money for terrorists...  And the "-of Persia" - it's just obviously inspired by how they made the real Prince of Persia way way back in Paleo game days...  perfect for my use of starting with 3d models but tracing to make sprites for a new game experiment and some retro feel...

Well I also downloaded for free and hopefully your $ will get through, not a SWAT team kicking the door down...  It was just what I wanted to find...  Just FYI

Edit - payment still pending  - but wanted to say LOVE the software.

  Still simple 1 trick pony but does the thing lots of other art programs - even "Pixel" based ones don't: let you trace over images of any type/resolution.  As a person who wants to do retro games soon but who's strongest asset is 3D this is best for I can trace over figures, add details and artistic flair but keep perspective and figure proportions like a pro.

So - I support using this (for tracing over other figures - such as 3d figures from a virtual dummy/Poser/Daz) for its niche but good function and please buy - due to the Govern-NOT they'll wait a few days for it to process - but I'm sure they'll live - they deserve $ for making this toy!