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Really good so far! The gameplay was fun, the music was nice, and I absolutely loved the animations. I can't wait for more content updates, because this is super cool!

I think a Gallery Mode would be really nice. Not only would it give us free hands to work with, but (for me personally) I like earning the scenes at least once before going completely hands-free.

Gotta say, this was a fun ride. I loved this series a lot. Everything about it was wonderful. The Kyra and Amon are such wonderful characters, and to see their interactions are just beautiful. The NSFW Content was wonderfully done, yeah, but the smaller, softer moments are so cute that I simply can't get enough. I loved everything about this, and it was 100% worth every dollar. Great Work Atrolux.

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Is the font used in this pack custom or is it on normal word processors? If the latter, then which font was it?