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hopefully @polymars see this!

Because this game was originally made in steam, This is a portable file that is not linked with steam at all which will make it not work.

this looks epic!

oh ok

i forgot that feature exists but i may or may not add the feature sadly :(

why not try now?

My guys laptop must be crappy, play in a stronger device to ACUATTLY play.

Its not a virus, i tried it and its actually the full game?? 


oh sorry, why dont you full screen?

i notice, sadly i understand why, tell me if you wanna know

thanks! i did better, this is old



Press X


new one is here

i am gonna add a new one now

me too ._. its how i make games ._.


no like what do you mean

i did that... (i think)

No problem! :D

this is cool to make games a little more detailed! wow thanks!!

this is not bad!

thanks! my game might be updated because the final part takes tooo long

this game is amazing!

idk, try downloading the bandu desktop

you never heard of java? dam your new, just download it, no need to know what it is. (if your mac then idk if you can download the bandu pet)

btw here is the link if you want a bandu pet so bad Download Java for Windows


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lol i understand why Karlson is taking too long because only dani is making it himself and that its hard to make a game by yourself.

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OMG IS THIS NEW??? :0 (Yo first one to comment!)

you need to install java dude

but it works for me and @Stitch125ds for some reason (i think we have java thats why)

you need to have java or something. IM NOT SURE SORRY ;-;

do you not see the windows logo?

do you play as yourself?