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Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, the game is for DMG only (no color).
I changed the frame (just for test), but I'm still having the same issue. Now I'm using the 'white' standard GBstudio frame and the condensed-mini font, but I can't add more than 6 characters. Text: Display Menu --> 8 options --> Layout: Dialogue


Yes, GBstudio v3 alpha.  The project runs perfect. 

I'm using a black frame, so I only changed the 'white' for 'black' in order to adapt to the background. Maybe this little change is affecting? 

Hello! I'm testing the option for longer menu items, but seems that is not working properly. Maybe I'm doing something wrong (I can upload the font on into the game, but the characters allowed on the menu are 6 . Any help? 
Thanks, and keep up the good work! 

Very good idea! Good job! 


That's great! Thanks for the contribution! 

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Thank you very much for saving my day! 

Thanks for your comment Chris, 

Just in case you didn't know:

Its very similar to GBStudio (NES 8bit version.)

Have a nice day! 



I want to share with you another game concept I created with GBStudio.

Programming has been the most difficult thing to do to get the boats closer, but it works.

Hello Zanilo, 

As a personal opinion, the games I develop should be played on the console for which it was created. Playing a 1MB game on systems that support  games with a lot of GB, detracts from the gameplay and gaming experience.

Gameboy games has a lot of limitations, starting with the color palette, resolution, size, etc.

It's just a personal opinion. This is why I am in favor of maintaining the cartridge and play the games in the original console  despite the fact that the users are very few.

Have a nice day! 


This has tremendous potential!!! ... I imagine continuing the game 'outside' the game.

Thanks for sharing! 

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I'm creating something similar a point n click game. you can take a look here . 

Hi Chris, 

I just want to thank you for the interface that you have created to facilitate the creation of Gameboy games. 

I also would like to share with you some games that I have created with your platform. You can have a look at