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Full Walkthrough here

be sure to enable Unknown root source on your phone

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   For Those Who can not download from the main download section you can download from here:

Thank this music fit my game :D

Ok :D

ok thank you for your advise :D

sorry but I can not find any jam fit with my game 

So I submitted it randomly 

For Those Who don t know how to enable unknown root source and can not download from the main download section 

you can download from here:

be sure to enable Unknown root source on your phone

Yes It 32 bit :)

thank you 💛💚🧡💞💓💗


thank you I will get this for my game 

CAN I play On Android


You should make a Trailer for your game 

You are milk gang too ?

I make it my setf and some how it look not too bad :D

I don t even know you so I don t think my game inspired from your but it look very similar to your game :)

Btw your game are very cool

Sorry for the bad English 

thank again for the help 

mac and linix not test

thank you for the tip 

I made and test the game on window so i don t know If it work on Mac and Linux 

i think unity will support it 

i will check the game and sorry for the bad English



is Muck now 32 bit or no

sorry for the late Reply you can Unzip like this video 

Full Walkthrough here


my second games :))

Yeh I need 32 bit too :(

this game need to fix some bug of the operation and fix some lag for low pc

32 bit 32 bit 32 bit32 bit32 bit32 bit32 bit


is there any version for 32 bit pc :((

i cant install the game ( 32 bit pc)

It my first game if you like it please give feed back to me in this comment