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I downloaded and ran your game and I believe the problem is that you haven`t uploaded the data from your project. When I run your .exe file it pops up a file explorer window and asks me to open a file. If you upload a a zip folder with both the .exe and the project data then I think that will fix the problem.

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I think @D3nX is saying that your project does not run on his computer because of the file type it is. I`m sure that your game as a game is very playable. If you are uploading a game to a website you need to export it as a .exe file so that others can run it without purchasing the game making engine you used. If you have turned it into an .exe by the time you read this good then ignore most of this comment.

Fun game!

Thanks, I`ll keep it in mind

The game should work on chrome. For the first level You drag the two halfs of the W into the rainbow flashing box. If a red X shows up that means that the items are to close together. Next drag the completed W onto the empty W slot. Then drag the S and D keys into their slots. When you grab the A key it will self destruct within 3 seconds of you clicking on it. To make a new A key, drag the scissors, the bucket filled with white, the Rough black A and a blank key into the rainbow area. They should combine into an A key and then you can progress.

I like being able to edit the sprites but besides that i don`t really know what to do. Maybe a Tutuorial that showed you what the different windows do would be helpful?

The A key gets corrupted 3 seconds after you click on it, its not a combination. To make a new A key you need to combine the scissors, a blank key background, the paint bucket and the rough black A. The X shows up when you put two items too close together.

Did you combine the two halfs of the W in the combination area?

Very nice mechanics and graphics. Well done.

Cool Game. I found it a bit hard to understand exacly what did what but it was still fun.

Nice Job! I like the bugs they look cool.

Not bad.  Its a bit hard to figure out at first though.

What seems to be the problem with running it?

Thanks for the feedback! And i see what you mean about the A I`ll try to fix that.