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Fun game!

Thanks, I`ll keep it in mind

The game should work on chrome. For the first level You drag the two halfs of the W into the rainbow flashing box. If a red X shows up that means that the items are to close together. Next drag the completed W onto the empty W slot. Then drag the S and D keys into their slots. When you grab the A key it will self destruct within 3 seconds of you clicking on it. To make a new A key, drag the scissors, the bucket filled with white, the Rough black A and a blank key into the rainbow area. They should combine into an A key and then you can progress.

I like being able to edit the sprites but besides that i don`t really know what to do. Maybe a Tutuorial that showed you what the different windows do would be helpful?

The A key gets corrupted 3 seconds after you click on it, its not a combination. To make a new A key you need to combine the scissors, a blank key background, the paint bucket and the rough black A. The X shows up when you put two items too close together.

Did you combine the two halfs of the W in the combination area?

Very nice mechanics and graphics. Well done.

Cool Game. I found it a bit hard to understand exacly what did what but it was still fun.

Nice Job! I like the bugs they look cool.

Not bad.  Its a bit hard to figure out at first though.

What seems to be the problem with running it?

Thanks for the feedback! And i see what you mean about the A I`ll try to fix that.