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I didn't see that you had already gotten a "Bloodslut" chainsaw, so I made you one using public domain art.

While I think the Google Sheets file is innovative, the layout is pleasing, and the design is nice for a widescreen, it would be great to have a more conventional PDF as well

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Are there no options for play with the Rulebook only?  e.g. could an artful deck of Tarot cards be used instead?

Your stat and dice system combines really great elements from Lasers and Feelings with FitD games.  It seems really ripe for remixing and making a deep but rules light game. Did you come up with this yourself, and what do you call it (I vote "Threshold System")?


  1. Can the Army and Subcommander be flipped?
  2. What are the allowed actions?  Do the assets move to reveal target locations; simply target any opposing square (like battleship); something else?
  3. Can only one token be spent per turn, if so why win tokens?
  4. Does the spymaster need to use an asset's specific name when they take an action, or just declare "My army..."
  5. What's the difference between "Identifying an occupied space" and "damaging an asset" -- doesn't identifying occur if and only if damage is dealt?

That appears to have been the intended design, as the void remains.