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馃槞馃憠馃憟 sooooo. It may have been a while since i last played, but i completely forgot what happens on Day:8 for Parker. 馃槶IM SORRY!. I cant remember if it is day:7 or 8 when the get back from the beach. 馃拃

Sorry, but i'm having issues with this update. Not like typos or anything just that after i updated my game, and loaded in to it at the end of day 21 it just tells me its the end of the game. Like i didn't update it when i did. Does it just apply to one route in particular or all of the route together? Im trying to do Orlando's route, but it won't progress to day 22.

will someone mind telling me if there are new passwords. I know of the first 3. Dean's, the butler, and Sal's. But i need to know if new ones have been added i havent played in a while

I only know dean's and it was really hard to notice but if you want to know ill tell you 馃榿

Is There a parker day 7 ? When i left off it was the sleep over. Is that day 7?

Who jym again. Been a while since i last played.

Oh. Ok no problem. 馃槡. Nothing wrong with that. So far it seen good. Keep it up馃憢馃構馃憣

Do you get to make choices that change who you romance with. 馃槬馃槬 kinda worried iv heard you cant. 

Why did it have to be so short TvT. It was so cute and adorible. :3 i love it. <3 just hope the next update is soon. 8^) i want more Rorik. 

Is the big buff dogman still a route.(sorry forgot his name UwU)

How many total routes are there haven't played this in a hot minuter

Was there any thing new fro Parker. Last i checked it ended when they were having a sleep over and everyone was going to bed. 馃馃 . amazing vn hope the dev comes back soon!!!!!

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I know right. Still kinda sad about coaches route being over馃槺馃槱, reading this VN makes me feel like im watching a Greys Anatomy episode or something lol. 馃檴馃槀

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Nvm it will be updated on the 16th some time. Sill need info on if coaches rout is done or not tho. 馃惗馃惗 

Dont scroll if you dont like spoilers. I finished all the routes.

(this was an edit) idk if the conversation at the end of spencers route was a teaser in some way. But if that was damn i cant wait for that. Man if Spencer and the M.C get married ill cry my self to sleep from happiness. 馃惡+馃懄+馃拲=馃挄. #spencerisbestboi

wait, wait, wait. Is Coaches route over? I thought there was going to be at least some more to it. The routs very well plotted out and done to peak perfection. (Spencers in my fav as of the resent update to his route). Also is there a specific date for the next update or is it un-known for now. Kinda eager for more juicy lore. Hehe. Good game 5 馃専s in my book. 馃拰馃槝馃挄


Nvm it will be in 4 days from now. Aka nov 15

i wonder when the next update will be? I really want to see what happens in spencers route it just end on a cliff hanger before the wedding.  馃檲馃拃馃槄

thanks. But i found out how. It was so simple i was shock at how i missed it. But really thanks.

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Ikr is so fun but is sad no matter what i do dean still dies i cant seem to find how how to stop him from dieing. Ty can be an ass but hes cool

In Dean's route is he supost to die or is there a way to stop him from dieing. I really want to do his route but every time i go back to stop him from dieing he dies anyway dose someone know how to stop that its so sad. Please someone help me. Please and thankyou.