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Okay this is a suggestion for late game stuff.

Ik this game is not focused on colony building, but i think this would add some extra depth to the game. Maybe there could be a new mode called colony building where you can research a landing pad so colonist rockets can land? Maybe they have needs and in return they can work in farms and mines to gether resources? The game art style is absolutly adorable but it would be very cool if you can add some function to the structures you build in-game.

Only a thought, people, only a thought.

I mined down entire mountains but couldn't get clay or minerals. Do I have to go to other islands to find these resourses? Plz help!

Thank you so much! This is indeed going to help me out a lot!  \(^3^)/

This is so good! i found five endings! But i'm wondering if you can send me the code for the game because i'm new to bitsy and want to learn how to make all these awesome things in your game. :)