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A member registered Aug 29, 2021

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виноват, не нашёл несколько раз семена на карте, теперь всё работает. Отличная игра!

Не удаётся полить участок земли с полной лейкой, не срабатывает кнопка Е

Hi! There's maybe I'm doing smth wrong, but I can't get anywhere from start screen. Pushin' Enter - and nothing happens

Beautiful game, beautiful concept

Концепт игры просто бриллиант, очень милый и забавный, но почему-то не выходит пройти дальше этапа набора лейки для выращивания елей. Может я что-то делаю не так? Нужно что-то особенное сделать, кроме подхода к причалу и нажатию там Е?

Hello! I like your style and music choice, but I can't simply start the game?? Button "Start" isn't working, choose level also doesn't help much. Maybe I am doing smth wrong? 

Cute working game! I don't know maybe there some kind of mystery which I don't understand but this game is nice and simple, reminds me about the first computers

I don't understand spanish at all, but the game is funny and interesting

Nice and simple to understand platformer. Cute style and intresting music

The game is actually not bad, it's kinda funny and the music is nice. Maybe I'm stupid but I can't understand how to make potion (I melted the ice and opened the chest)

I actually don't know what to do after finding Pepsi but this game looks like nice aesthetic paradise (also drowned multiple times but it's ok lmao)

After the second loop the pink door stops interacting at all

So beautiful game, so perfect music but game crashes after like 2 mins of playing (Win 10 x64)

Nice and colorful demo. I like exploring places and this one is beautiful~ 

Very unsettling and very foggy game. Also working and working fast! 10/10