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EN: Bug: You can't change the item selection when scrolling with a mouse or pressing 1, 2 and 3 in Version 1.3

RUS: Ошибка: вы не можете изменить выбор элемента при прокрутке мышью или нажатии 1, 2 и 3 в версии 1.3.

did a gameplay video of your mod:

However, please change "Comples:" to "Complex:" because there's a spelling mistake in SchoolRulesPoster texture.

It's ok.

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Hey Crafted! Just to say, but you didn't ask me for permission if you could use one of my posters. If you're going to use one of my assets, ask me first. But however, I'll play this mod when it comes out.

Because you're underage, sent death threats, and called some people N-word.

Did a gameplay video of your mod:

Oh, okay.

Can't wait for this game. Also, I know that you're blayms!

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[BOTH FIXED IN V1.4.3.1]

Bug 1: The secret code text won't show up after you write a code in YCTP Remastered.

Bug 2: You're unable to get "The Trio Of Evilness" trophy after you enter a code in YCTP Remastered.


If you couldn't do that, then here's the tutorial made by Punkred:

Can agree for sure. Also, how did you put different materials to floors, walls and ceilings in Base Game?

Can't wait for the better remake of this old mod.

Here's the open source:

Sure, as long as you credit me.

I don't care + I'm friends with a BL25 hater.

Dude, leave me alone as you broke the last chance.

Hello, I have submitted my old, bad and cringe mod that was made in somewhat 2020.

No, also I'm friends with Timpy Team.

Oh, not you again. Also, did you know that I'm supporting NeoArm?

Pretty good mod I could think!

Me too!

Woohoo, it's finally here!

Made a gameplay video of your fan-made 1.4.3 port:

Woohoo, it's finally here! Also, this mod is great!

Yes, it's stolen.

No problem! Also, here's some of the better textures that I've made: