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The question is: why was a proto gun lying in a small shed? 


Good game btw

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spamming the FUNNI GORILLA GENEGON (the beringei) was the best idea I ever had

legit completed the whole game doing that LOL

however, I tried completing it properly, and it was fun and quite hard, Its a good game, and thats what matters, great job

the astronaut must be like: ''if I leave I could live my life normally, but if I stay, I could live in riches, sound good to me'' *leaves*

Imagine this as a normal tuesday for the tribesmans 

skill issue too

skill issue

is a nice game, what else you want me to say? (apart from the fact im the first comment and also the fact this game is portuguese lol) mechanics are good, game can be beaten with one hand but remains as a challenge, gameplay is fast, and you have to be actually aware of whats going on in order to make it to the end, i would like that when you hit the green core or the boobs they would make a sound hinting you the fact that this is what you gotta do, plus it would be nice to have an scene viewer at the end of the game to see every fuck scene of her

Also i would like more scenes of her getting fucked since porn reasons

Creator if you see this and dont understand what im saying then read whats below (by the way im not portuguese) 

Anyways thank you for your game


é um bom jogo, o que mais você quer que eu diga? (além do fato de ser o primeiro comentário e também do fato deste jogo ser português lol) a mecânica é boa, o jogo pode ser batido com uma mão mas continua sendo um desafio, a jogabilidade é rápida, e você tem que estar realmente ciente do que está acontecendo para chegar ao final, eu gostaria que quando você batesse no núcleo verde ou nos peitos eles fizessem um som sugerindo o fato de que isso é o que você precisa fazer, além disso, seria bom ter um visualizador de cena no final do jogo para ver cada cena de foda dela

Também gostaria de mais cenas dela sendo fodida por motivos pornográficos

Criador, se você ver isso e não entender o que estou dizendo, leia o que está abaixo (a propósito, não sou português)

De qualquer forma obrigado pelo seu jogo

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in the middle of my gameplay i was like ''WRITE THAT DOWN B*TCH, WRITE THAT DOWN''

it was a very lol moment

btw i lost

jk i won :D

I have no words to describe this game but this down here is the best I have:

you wound yourself

it just hurts endleslly

then the wound heals

there is no more pain and it makes you feel ''new''

and then you admire what was it

you realize, you didnt have to do that to create your future

but at the same time, it helped you realize

and helped you create your future

thats how you ''evolve''

wounds heal, pain ends, you change, and then you admire it, realizing how it goes on, past is what defines the future, what happened there, is what helped you become something else, trouble and wounds, may be part of it, in the end they will heal, you will change, youll admire it, and then realize you are alive, trouble and wounds will hurt, but if you manage to heal, your path will be the best for you, like a dream full of hopes, this is what i would love to call live

Sincerely, your story goes deep, thanks for sharing it, you managed to recover, and seems you are now better than ever, I hope you keep feeling the best, if you ever get wounded in the future, remember that you will heal, youll change, and then realize what it was, I dont have anything else to say but, hope you have lots of good days and remember that we will always Love you, forever

Thank you for sharing your story

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Nope, it keeps crashing on Android

I got a lot of dirty money


thanks, I still wonder how would it be like?

Only the creator knows how much cum is inside Candace and all over her office

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Imagine if there was a sequel where the man comes back from the dead and hes put in a modern world and doesnt know what is going on

question: there are 8 different clothes, but i only got from the defeault one to the transparent underwear so the number 8 seems to be missing, is there anyway to get it?

good game btw

interesting lore, nice mechanics, classic gameplay, smooth and clear animation, basically a build full of potential

E just got roasted for being a dumbass


ok thanks

1000 shells btw lol

im gonna try to get to a million hehe

I love the way you can litterally become a hitman

pretty good game, i couldnt finish it since i got stuck by dodging on the back of the train and that got me out of it

funny lil bug hehe

the game has potential, it just needs a little polishing and some extras

but this works as a start

and a good one

Game finished in 5:21:46 hours

took a long time since i spent lots of time just grinding shells lol

also the menu music makes me feel like if i was on Left for Dead 

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I love how you added lore to why tf did the first game had an AR with infinite ammo, very funny how that FORGE prototype is actually usefull lol

I got this information via the PC you find at the room you get before leaving the facility (code alphawhole btw), lots of lore, extremelly awesome

Pls add more into Specter 8 story, this man is freaking GOD

This game is absolutelly awesome

the mechanics, the combat, the lore, all well did

Keep doing awesome stuff

basic and small but etertaining and awesome

a good one indeed

The Ending Pov: you can laugh at your step dad all you want and kick his ass since you just had lots of sex

Sincerely a very good game

And remember kids: never go to buy stuff if you have nothing to pay

i did it at the first try somehow

i feel full of luck

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That a very good game, also i just bought everything from the store TWICE just to be at the end of the prologue lol

btw something that could upgrade the game a little is putting something that shows a name to know who is talking in the dialogue thing

this game is awesome, keep making it in the correct way

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Mouse only

very good game heh

This game is awesome, sincerely one thing i see extremelly great is the roguelike stuff, feels like you were playing dark souls in 2D