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I think I may have discovered a bug? I'm at a point where I've saved ~5 witches and I have one door key and another that I could pick up if my hands were free, and there is a set of double doors that won't open, and I can't find another place to go.  It's right after the note that begins "Only witches can cast spells." Normally I'd give up, but I'm REALLY enjoying this game so far. Can you at least tell me if I'm missing something?

Hello! I am one of the programmers for Black Water (the team member with the login for the MakeGamerGirls account is on a much-deserved post-submission hike today) but I couldn't wait to THANK YOU for your comment and your video! As designers it is so valuable to be able to see what your blind playthrough was like! It helps us think about how to design around the user experience in future versions.

But even more than that, it means a tremendous amount that you played our game and felt strongly enough to share your experience with us! Thank you!