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Hi team Jazz and Azul,

I played your previous build a while ago and have just taken the time to try this one out. I love the inclusion of the cutscene and character voices - this adds SO much to the game world whereas before I was having to imagine and fill in the blanks using my mind.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for this game.

I love the sentiment of the story, especially how relevant it is to current real world issues. 

Hi developers,

I playtested this build of your game this morning - firstly I would like to say I feel extremely curious and interested in the World you are building here.

It was particularly beautifully detailed in the way the buildings and environments were modelled after instruments, I found myself staring at the intricate architecture of the houses. I also really enjoyed seeing the Posters that were placed around the Map.

As for some useful feedback that you can hopefully use as development continues :

- As others have stated, I think the player character may need to be taller and the sizes of the NPCs would need reducing

- Player movement could definitely benefit from being faster, or perhaps you could add a Sprint option?  I struggled to find my way around the Maze and felt the walk speed was slow enough that it hindered my progress

- I fell through the map at one point near a curb on the colourful side of the wall

- The Guide on screen could be slightly larger or perhaps the font Bolder 

Hope this feedback can help your team. 

Overall I felt excited by this concept though, and forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the music within the game too! 

Do you plan to add tips on finding the Maze or the man eventually? 

I will be following your game and shall check out the next build as soon as it’s ready!

Hope this helps

The Art style of this game is just INCREDIBLE

what a lovely experience! 

thoroughly enjoying my time with EoL so far. Thanks for creating such a fun experience. 

This looks so good - I am hoping to begin work on a pixel art game soon so will be bookmarking and purchasing :)