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You can try to play with her, but you must stop before you go too far away.

We will release it tomorrow

Thank you!

Hello. You can't change MC's name at android. This caused an error for many players, so we turned this option off.

New version was released

Check a new version here

К сожалению, нет. Это слишком для первокурсника.

Please make check if your device have enough free space. Also, sometimes it doesn't install att all, look's like it's an engine's issue.

Check if your device have enough free space. Also you can try another apk

Looks like your agility and atletics are low. You can try more, you still had a chances.

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Sorry, we don't answer a questions about gameplay process. You can google for the community-maded guide by yourself.

You must complete one of the quests, alloving you to kinda "metamorph" too.

WaW: Autumn Adventure community · Created a new topic Bugs

Report bugs here please

Because it is very difficult for Android. You can change the name of your character on other platforms.

Try to take a shower before the date (Your looks must be as high as possible)

Yes. But it's not possible with just raise relationship score with her.

No, you can't get these points back. You can pnly load earlier save. Try to talk with other character about how to break with Lavender.

It is possible if you can have regular sex with her only.

Make Jinny your lover and bring her.

Looks like you can't find the "right" answers for her.

Try to check another students.

The game is fully complete for now.

It's not a bug. You're talked to them, so not talk again this time and don't see they icons. But they are still there.

You're just nedd to talk with all other student, find one who talk about Harry, and check all location after it.

This is not a bug. Look for him again. Ask another students.

Try another android build.

PC? Mac? Android?

In the next versions.

Yep. She must love you more than him.  In fact, her quest is not over yet.

Go at the corridors at night. Then repeat.

It will not help you. All versions of the game have the same hardware requirements.

Thank you for the bugreport!

0.70 Alpha is already available at our Patreon.

Thank you! We a very glad that you liked our game!

For now, we are plan to finish it next summer.

For now, you can improve your Charisma and Intelligence only. You can do it during some quests.

Sociability is not implemented yet.

You can raise your Stealth and Quick eye skills at the night corridors events.

Спасибо! Мы уже работаем над следующей версией. Но пока не готовы указать конкретных сроков.

I'm sorry, we are released the guiide for out Patrons only. There is a community-made guide, you can search for it...

Yes, We will add it to next versions.

The relationship between the characters develops gradually in our game. You can not get everything at once.