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The game is fully complete for now.

It's not a bug. You're talked to them, so not talk again this time and don't see they icons. But they are still there.

You're just nedd to talk with all other student, find one who talk about Harry, and check all location after it.

This is not a bug. Look for him again. Ask another students.

Try another android build.

PC? Mac? Android?

In the next versions.

Yep. She must love you more than him.  In fact, her quest is not over yet.

Go at the corridors at night. Then repeat.

It will not help you. All versions of the game have the same hardware requirements.

Thank you for the bugreport!

0.70 Alpha is already available at our Patreon.

Thank you! We a very glad that you liked our game!

For now, we are plan to finish it next summer.

For now, you can improve your Charisma and Intelligence only. You can do it during some quests.

Sociability is not implemented yet.

You can raise your Stealth and Quick eye skills at the night corridors events.

Спасибо! Мы уже работаем над следующей версией. Но пока не готовы указать конкретных сроков.

I'm sorry, we are released the guiide for out Patrons only. There is a community-made guide, you can search for it...

Yes, We will add it to next versions.

The relationship between the characters develops gradually in our game. You can not get everything at once.

You must find the 'right' answers.

Hi! We'll check this.

In the future versions Harry will be romansable for both male and female character.

Looks like you are late and Harry pick her before you. Next time try to be faster )

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Only Luna for now. Tonks will be available later. Astoria is stright.

Yep )

This game is still WIP

I'm not sure how this works on But I suspect that this is access to only one file.

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Hi! Thank you! And thank you for you bugreport.

No, it will be free )

We will finish "My Strange Sis" this summer. Perhaps there will be other updates after that. With a new customization or personalities.


We will thinking about add a new personalities, but only after we complete the game. About payment version... Well, we have some problems with PayPal. So Patreon is only option now, sorry.

Hi! We are glad that you are liked our game. This version have another sex event, i'm suppose that you can't find it yet.