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Great Jaggi

A member registered Apr 16, 2018

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There's a update for one of the routes every month, you have to wait until the 16th of December ^^

Oughh :c i see, no problem

Is there any Discord Server for this Visual Novel? Also really good job with Shoichi's update, i almost cry ;-; it was so beautiful 


Hope we see more of the roleplay game, it was great xD good job with the update

Thanks for the info!

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Oh you are right! You know what's new in the update? :o

Can't wait for the update, i wonder who will be the next mmhh...

Sure thing, this probably one of the best visuals novelw that i have ever played, and it only has 2 updates xD

It was worth all the wait, good job with the update!! I really love all the work that you are doing with this game <3

J u n b e s t b o i

I see, good luck with the rest of the game!! I need moree!! <3

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Ohhh this game is soo coool, looking forward for more, also I can't play The Gil's route, it crash after the bathroom scene :(


Se podria decir que si ^^

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Oh boy, I can't wait for the Dozer update! You are doing such an amazing job with this game Dyne, keep up the good work <3


How do you get the coach special scene in the day 20? i replayed his route and i couldn't get it :(

Aun no

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It's such a shame that almost everyone is talking shit about the new artsyle, CaptainGerBear probably put a lot of effort in this, it's really sad, i think that it looks really nice and it's a great improvement in this proyect :(

There's more humans that only the main character, harold's wife is a human Xd, and i think that the old art is gone forever, gonna miss that Darius face too :(

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Nevermind, it was my antivirus, i allowed EA and now it works xD thanks for the help, really enjoying the game so far! <3

It doesn't give any error, it just that it doesn't start when i open it, i disabled my antivirus and nothing, no idea

The new update doesn't work for me :( i can't open it, any ideas?

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I can't open the new update :( help, it doesn't start. (PC)