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Hello there! I gave it a try and had a great time with your game! I find it difficult to find games with good jumpscares and yours has some good moments, really enjoyed it! Only to make a suggestion, it would be very cool if the jumpscares had louder sound :)

You can watch my gameplay here if you want ^^ Thanks so much for the experience! ❤

Really nice game! I found it very immersive and the puzzles got quite difficult at the end, I enjoyed it a lot. The aesthetic is amazing too, I love the PS1 vibe, and the crispy sound the objects make when you interact with them, very well made! I'll keep an eye on your projects, congrats and thank you for the experience! ^^

Fren Worl community · Created a new topic very scar

thans fren for tis gam it was very scare thanks you

Could it be possible to make it so it has different difficulty levels? So in the easiest one the emails don't come so often. 

So cool, love the aesthetic! But SO STRESSFUL OMG

Here goes part 2! :)

Hey Grahf, could we open a thread on the forum for clues and tips on the game? I'm stuck... HELP 😭

💕💕💕💕💕💕 :)

Really beautiful and very different from anything I've seen before in a game. Is it maybe because the majority of games are based in a capitalist reality? So that's why this one feels so unique. Playing it felt like speaking intimately with an old friend. 

Thank you so much for the experience!

This was really beautiful, thank you💕

you broke my heart in a million pieces with that ending I swear to god im crying

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Really cool game! It felt so nice when I finally decrypted the code hahhaha I got ending B, I wonder what I should do to get the A...

Here's a lil video!

Wow, I'm really liking this game! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Love it! I'll make a video about it but I wanted to thank you now!

Loved it, everything is just so smooth and well made. It's very cohesionate. I hope it was longer!!!!

I made a little video, hope you like it :)

Hey, I played this and I enjoyed it so much! It makes you feel like a real hacker even if I don't have a clue in programming!! And the controls weren't difficult for me, once you get used to them they are nice. 

I made a video, hope you like it!

I cant wait to play the full game, nice job! :)

Yes, I was in the steamy room in manufacturing, the one that has lots of doors that open with a specific key.  I grabbed the chic key that was in there, opened the chic door, and then returned to the room you reach exiting through the left. That's when I got stuck. Hope I was clear enough explaining it, English is not my first language, sorry! 

Thank YOU! :) I didn't do anything to the audio, its just the way it is! And I don't have twitter for the moment but thank you so much for asking 💖 

Really nice little game! Short, well made, no bugs and scary. I jumped a few times in my chair. Nice job! Buen trabajo chicos!

I made a video about it, you can watch it here -->>

It has no commentary because I intend to make relaxing videos, hope you enjoy it! :)

I found a little bug.

It's in floor 1, when Aya is telling you that you won't like the next suspect, you get stuck between the saving phone and the wall behind. It's not very troublesome because you can quick travel with the phone to another place, but I thought I'll let you know.

Hey! I'm LOVING the game so far,  everything is just perfect, very nice job! I made a little video, I'm planning on doing it in several parts because the game is harder than I expected hahaha

It has little to no commentary because I'm trying to do kind of videogame ASMR with my channel. Hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying playing your game!  ❤

Oh, nice!! Thank you for keeping my comments in mind. 

Have a wonderful day!


I played the game and I loved it! It's so satisfying to play, it shows that everything was made with good care. I would love to play the extended version.

I made a video, you can watch it here 

Thank you so much for this experience!! 

you're welcome! And don't mind the audio bug a lot because in fact it sounded kinda nice with all the music playing at once! Like a remix hahaha 

Have a nice day!

Hey! This game is awesome, I fell in love at first sight. But I found it a little bit difficult to control, and I got stuck on the puzzles so I couldnt finish the demo hahah 

Anyway, I would be happy to buy the full version! I'll keep an eye on your work :)

Hey! This was a fun little game, I enjoyed it! You can watch my gameplay here, yours is the first one :)

Hello! I really liked your game, I found it so cute!! You can watch my gameplay here, yours is the second game :)

Oh and I found a couple of bugs:

- It freezes a little bit when you talk to the first human you encounter, but then it starts to run again.

- When you find Señora Paty, it sometimes doesn't trigger the fight and I had to restart the game

Thank you for the experience!!! ^^

Hey, I loved your game! It reminded me a lot of old tamagotchis, now I want one again hahah

You can watch my gameplay here, yours is the third video :)

Loved it! Very addicting hahaha I'll probably add it to a little video I have in mind :)

Hi! I've enjoyed very much your game, it was lovely! I made a gameplay about it, you can watch it here if you want -->

Also, I would love to translate it to Spanish! But I'm not sure on how to do it, can you explain it to me a little bit? 

Thank you and have a lovely day!

really cool!! i had a good laugh, good job!

Hi! I loved this game, it was very pleasant to play! I would love to play the full version so I'm keeping an eye on you (⊙︿⊙✿)

I also made a video of the gameplay. You can watch it here if you want!

Thank you so much for the experience, it was awesome! ❤