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Yep, it doesn't save for anyone

Really enjoyed this. Was difficult enough to make me frustrated but satisfying once you finish the level :P Thanks for sharing!

nah hes making fun of you, ´L´ stands for your loss aka´ ur a loser ´

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This was annoying to play, but that's exactly what made this game so good and accurate. Cause this is literally what my brain feels like and how my average day goes.
I've always tried capturing what ADHD feels like in all sorts of media but I've always found it very difficult to do so, so the way you captured it and especially in such an accurate way has really impressed me!

The game itself was fun to play and overall a nice experience. Cute art style and funny dialogue. It's really nice to see other people go through the same experiences. Thank you for sharing! :) 

this captures my brain PERFETCTLZY andi  love it thank you This is my LIfe eveyrhting is amazing

This was really well made though, and the art style is amazing and fits the vibe perfectly. The whole dejavu concept is super original and just in general a really refreshing game to see! Although I do think you wouldn't be able to complete this without a walkthrough, as the water bucket thing was really confusing. (unless you wanna spend minutes roaming around) ^__^ Thanks for sharing, I'm really impressed!

What the fuck im mind blown this was really scary and cool and confusing and im just Woah. Dont even know what to say

u so cringe for replying to every comment like this man, this was 10 months ago LOL

super cool game! was so excited to see another game by tenkaiyo :3 was really fun to play!

super cute!! really enjoyed it :) 

Wow that was really cool :D i liked it alot! Wished there were more chats but the game was so extremely well made and it felt kinda real so extremely well done :D 

the ending was a bit anti-climactic though !!!!

Scary!!!! Extremely well made and loved the style. Thought the door transitions were a bit meh but my bf thought they were really cool so! The sound effects were great and I really enjoyed the mechanics with finding hidden stuff. Wish I knew what was in their bedroom!

I love this! so cute

This was sososo fun!! sOSO CUTEE i loved the art and it kept me so entertained omg, loved it!! Def gna be playing this again !

ghost was so difficult


still one of my fav games here on itch, so extremly well done

this was horrifying-- in a good way. this was extremely well written! it grossed me out cause i didn't read the description and i was like WHATs GOING ONG!?!??! but this is super well made! good horror :)

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I speedran this its so fun omg 1.48

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Unfortunately I had to stop playing this game when I found out Iris was the sibling of Alex.. I was confused at the description because it's NEVER mentioned in the game that they're in fact siblings..'

edit: LMFAOOO yall really downvoted me bcs i dont like incest? thats too funny

Loved thisLOL

Your game actually made us play AHiT and we loved it! We've already completed most of it and have been non stop playing for the past two days! When we were in the movie production level he was like omg its the music from the game you played LOL!! 

This game was so so fun!

The 29th level was enraging LOL but I really enjoyed playing this! Me and my boyfriend were vibing HARD to the soundtrack! I really liked this game!

There's a few bugs that make this hard to play, and the controls were not that great. Seemed like a very interesting game though! The red part was v cool

oooooo,, that was scary!!!! he kinda cute tho ;)

SHO!!!! CUTE!!!!

Echt super gaaf gedaan!
This was so well made! Very exciting and scary and it looked super real! The quality was really good. I loved the Stranger Things machine!  Thankyou for sharing :)


This game really scared me! I loved it so much though, the story was so interesting and I would love to learn more about Kat! I loved her design and the art was amazing.  

Thankyou for sharing this. Super excited to see your future projects! Definitely going to keep up with this one! ^-^

SUPer hAppY!!!!

this game was amazing! i loved it so much :] very cute! and scary! i like the thought behind it . 

This game is so fricken cool!!!! I loved it so much the art style is so amazing :D Thankyou for sharing!

Yay! I won!

Super enjoyable game! Peaceful, very aesthetic and good to destress!
The art style is super pretty. ^-^

Thank you for making and sharing this! 

made in 48 HOURS?! woah!
this was amazing! super scary !!

I got so scared progressing through each room but at the end I was like OH-
Made me sit at the edge of my chair !!! :P 
Really impressive!! Thank you for letting us play it was really good!


Scary!!! built up a lot of tension so you did a great job! was too scared to finish it heh ><

Thank YOU! Keep on making these cool games you have talent!!! ^w^



realy fun kinda hard tho!