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Looks more like some insane RNG, that's a well thought-out pack. 0.o

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Cleared day 30 and immediately stopped.

The idea that a Lv3+ tool/workshop can hit for a fraction is just extremely offputting for the amount of tedium involved in getting to them.

Really need to either remove or better balance the variable range on resources gained per completed action.

Yeah... not blowing up a puppy, png or otherwise. Funny up until that though.


Okay, so basically, if you luck out and get the right item, you can build for poison and vampirism from the start. Noted.


I actually did manage to finish it, and I quite enjoyed the play! (sorry for the late response. >,<)

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Unsure, yet to actually play as the Reaper, but just looking at the mushroom, it's the base item that comes in their pack, and nothing in the description seems to imply anything regarding massive recovery capability. Though, if that's the case, that's a broken item to have popping right at round 1. xD

Or-and this is just a thought, maybe don't try and push a dev into adding something purely to cater to your personal beliefs/views, that don't have any affect on the game itself, and how they intended it to be. (-.-)/

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Requires good rng with weapons/recipes to actually reach any level of broken, I've had more issues with the Reaper having seemingly endless regen and shield potential on the 1st or 2nd round onward, and can't figure out HOW, they never seem to have any healing items beyond that mushroom thing.

I absolutely love this game, it's cute, charming (Chloe is definitely my favorite character, reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago, actually xD) and just overall wholesome. Yet to finish it, but looking forward to the Christmas edition once I do. Two thumbs up, no question! =3

Kieth never finishes, unfortunately. can't beat the game.

secret room seems to softlock the game. Just locks up at the transition to the caves when activating the boat. Otherwise, fun game.