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You're very far ahead in terms of development. I know it might feel frustrating sometimes not to be able to do exactly the thing you envision in your mind, but don't worry, you will get there one day :)

It's insane how strong you are at 14.

Please tell me you will be going to study computer science in college. 100% your call.

I dont have discord, but I have to congratulate you. I am a game dev, but I started at 28. Good on you on starting so early. I wish I had haha. Instead I went into finance.

I have to say, your block game didnt work (in webgl) but the two games I tried of you (the christmas gift and puzzle one) show great creativity. Congrats!


Excellent work. You should be very proud of yourself!

Excellent work!

Its a good idea as I said, but the forces are just too hard to control, and there are too few atoms smaller than me, and they are wayyy too hard to hit. Cool concept and idea, game runs well. Lots of things to like in it.. Thank you for accepting my feedback.

Were you inspired by another game for this game? I vaguely remember an old GameBoy Color game playing a bit like this. 

If you can, make the potions/mixes less confusing to players.

I got up to level but that wall hugging/jumping is too annoying, sorry man. Its a cool concept in theory, but the physics are just not there. The jump is also not satisfying enough. Keep up the good work however!

Brilliant idea. For a first game, it's really solid.

That pixel art is gorgeous.

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Its a fair effort but needs some work. First, I'd pick another font from the main menu. Second, I'd fix the typos in the tutorial. Third, it's quite hard to control. The controls should be your focus as the game is frustrating right now. Its just too difficult to fuse with another atom.

With that in mind, I liked the idea and how the game is structured. I understand the slitherio influence, but you did manage to make the idea original enough. There's potential here, but I'd make the control more responsive (I dont mind the small atoms). 

The game is very interesting and does a lot of things right. I love specifically:

  • The sound effect, undeniably one of the best aspects of your game
  • That N64, jaded graphical look, yet with excellent shaders and illumination of the scene
  • The textures
  • The atmosphere created
  • And the font used for text
  • The scene transitions, which are seamless

With that in mind, the game has a few elements that could be be better; specifically, the newspaper article had too many grammatical mistakes. Likewise, I did not like the crawl sections, which were too long, repetitive, and not particularly interesting. Likewise, holding the space button didnt work for me, and I had to keep pressing it.