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No- if they did they would have to rebuild the game from scratch since it wasn't made with Mobile devices in mind :p so im pretty sure Maybe...just maybe in the futur after they finish the game then they might consider a Mobile version

Sadly it says Read-only file system :p well, you did say it wasn't guaranteed to work so it's fine.

you havnt fixed this in 80 days and its getting annoying

Hurry up and change the Linux file name from Feline Fantasies.x86_64 to FelineFantasies.x86_64, Linux can NOT read the space in the file, And it messes it up making it unable to launch

i took the Feline Fantasies file and moved it somewhere else, that way it let me change the name and also let me run it via linux terminal

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Side B, i found a way to play the game, and i rate it 1000/10, im not gonna compliment a specific scene, i just love the whole thing. i played the game 3 times already.  I like the way Litten is drawn tho, is my favorite pokemon next to Espeon, 

anyway, great game, cant wait for the next major update!

if yall want, yall can add Chi from Chi's Sweet Home to this game eventaully

atm in laying on my bed wit my 2 sleepin cats :D

i  dont even care about the NSFW scenes, just trying to play it because its visual novle, pokemon, cats, and litterally has ALLLL of my favorite characters in the animes and games i played as a kid. to bad god wants to tease me and make it so i have 0 way to play it.

yea..i bet it bad i cant play ;-;

i found a problem with the Linux download, since the Space in between feline and fantasies in the file name is making the linux think the words are 2 different files, how about removing the space? that way in the file name it says FelinFantasies and not Feline Fantasies. would be nice for the next update.


i made the file name different, wen i Try to export it, it think Feline and Fantasies are 2 different words, so it tries to look for a file named Felin and a file name Fantasies, it wy i had to change  da file name and remove the space

Linux version doesnt work, Play In Browser version doesnt work, Feline Fantasies 32 and 64 bits work. MacOS version works

I can't download it, I'm on cromebook, aND da Linux version don't work

I really wanna play dis game

I try to install te Linux version with da chmod +x but it keeps sayin dis

I'm using ChromeOS and I'm using the newest version in browser

TAD, help, the game won't load when I press play, just stays frozen, for hours

your lucky, I cant even play it, wen I try to load it, my computer freezes and the game crashes   

@Side B, also, I tried to play it and it doesn't load, my computer just freezes wen it reaches 80% then the game crashes

This game is so amazing, I been a fan of all cat related both in anime and games and in real life to, Im the biggest cat furry anyone will ever see...and I also like to play video games and hentai, this is my whole entire personality in 1 simple game!