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I actually enjoyed this game! hahaha

Really enjoyed this game!! Keep up the good work, actually managed to beat it :)

Really enjoyed this game!! keep up the good work!

Really enjoyed the game! keep up the good work!!

this demo was amazing!! I was about to leave a review on the steampage but there wasn't an option to do so. So here I am! I will leave a full review when the full game is released! definitely buying it!!

Great game! Really enjoyed it :)

Really enjoyed this!! managed to beat night 1 (Which is really special for me lmao) Definitely making more videos on this game!!

This test was actually scarier than I thought. got me by suprise! good job!!

The game is great!! can't wait to see further updates on it

Played this in my last video!! Didn't expect the ending lmao

This game is a true gem! Idk why I haven't found it earlier..

This game is so amazing!!! I'm step by step finding the way to beat it!

I succ

I really enjoyed it!! It really got me a couple of times ;)

Took me a while but I finished it!! Thanks for the amazing (cursed) game!!

Really enjoyed this game!!

I love the new Yandere mode!!

I really enjoyed this mod! Thanks dev :)

Had a lot of fun with this game!! Didn't really expect much in the beginning but it turned out amazing!! thanks dev :)

I LOVED this game!! Great job dev :)

Had a lot of fun playing this game!! Thank you :)

Had to reupload the video because I messed something up

I love the new updates!! she got way smarter..

she got me good

I really enjoyed this game!! 

Here's some gameplay ;)

had a lot of fun with this one!! 

Thanks for the amazing game ;)

Had a lot of fun with this game!

Thank you for the amazing game, here's some gameplay ;)

Great game!! I absolutely suck at puzzles but I actually managed to finish the game!

here's some gameplay :)

Those jumpscares really got me lmao, I really enjoyed it ;)

here's some gameplay


Absolutely enjoying this!! 10 more games to play and I can't wait :)

Hey!! I really enjoyed playing the finished game :)

This won't be my last video of this game, I really have to finish it ;)

Thank you for this amazing game :)

This is amazing!!

I'm really enjoying this, thank you for these amazing games!!

This game got me screaming!! Great game, really enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the amazing game ;)

I really enjoyed this game!! I didn't beat it tho :(

here's some gameplay ;)

Keep it up! the game was great :)

I love the new update!!

here's some gameplay

Thanks for the amazing update!!

Damn this game was scary!! The girl seriously freaked me out, I really enjoyed your game tho ;)

Here's some gameplay :)

Thanks for the horrifying experience!

Great game!! 

Here's some gameplay :)

Thanks for the fun little experience ;)

I really enjoyed it!!

Here's some gameplay ;)

Thank you for the great game!!! :)

Amazing short horror game!

Really enjoyed it, I even made a video of it ;)

Thank you for the amazing game!! keep it up :)

I LOVE this demo! I am definitely buying the full game ;)

I even made a video about it!! here ya go :)

I couldn't get passed the library part after almost an hour of recording so this video is just #1!!

thanks for the amazing demo ;)

I love the update!! 

here's the gameplay ;)

Amazing short horror game!! Enjoyed it :)

here's some gameplay ;)