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Loving the updates!! Keep it up :)


harr harr harr

me like snek yes

(2nd game in the video)

oh my lord. yep..getting this out of my brain will take a while..

had fun tho! keep it up

Had fun playing it! Keep it up :)

(3rd game in the video)

Loved the beta!! Can't wait for the full release, definitely something I'll play again. Keep it up guys :)

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Enjoyed it tho ;)

Thank you so much!! Appreciate it ;)

The updates are amazing!! Getting better and better :)

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Amazing game! A little short but that didn't change the fact that I screamed my lungs out. Thanks dev!

Loved it! Can't wait for the next episode

I love the new update!! Can't wait to see more from you guys :)

Loved it! Never really played a game like this before. well done devs!!

This game made me scream like a girl..and that's not an exaggeration..

Thanks for the amazing Teaser dev! Can't wait for the full release :)

This update was amazing!! Can't wait for the huge update in December :)

Sorry if it didn't suit you. It's just my way of recording a video. I'm swearing less in my new videos! Sorry again ;)

Episode 1

had a lot of fun with this one. couldn't really take it serious but got scared nontheless lmao

Pretty amazing!! weird and unique!

This game is amazing lmao. had a lot of fun!

This game is a true gem!! great job devs!

Great demo!! Definitely made me excited for the full game :)

Didn't really expect the ending to be so sad...

It was amazing tho! Great job!!

Weird..funny..but actually scary

Looks amazing!!!

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This game is pretty weird BUT unique and amazing!!

really had a lot of fun with this one! It's the last game in this video

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Amazing game!! Thank you dev :)

First game in this video

Really had a lot of fun with this one!! Thank you DEV!!

Truly amazing!! Thanks once again for another amazing horror game :)

Enjoyed this one!! Thank you Dev!

Pretty sussy but pretty well made. good job!!

Amazing!! Can't wait for the upcoming episodes :)

This prologue made me super excited for the full game!! Great job

This is AMAZING!! Love the new updates :)

Loved this game!! Thank you so much dev!!

I love the gun!! Being able to fight back is amazing :)

Great demo!!! Can't wait to play the full game!!