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I will be playing tonight if anyone wants to join me. I'll give instructions on how to join. Can fit up to 5 players. Also, streaming it:

I have posted below on how to set up multiplayer with Hamachi.

Download Hamachi here: and create a network. Other players must also have Hamachi and must connect to a network you create. Then start a game, press Esc, and "Host" from the game menu. Other players within the Hamachi network should then be able to join your game with the IP address given to them by Hamachi as if they were on your LAN network. 

Is anyone interested in playing regularly online together? I have an online multiplayer setup which works using Hamachi that I can share.

I made a map for optimal resources and defenses. Check it out if you like! Save as image, then in the editor load the image and save as a map.