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You can draw islands "inside" islands creating "lakes", it's not universal solution, but you coud draw two of them - one on the top island, near the church and mountain, and one on the bottom island, between mountain and house.

But you certainly drawn yourself a pickle, nice job

daily 081123

for the first time in many, many games (it is my starting position)


Bardzo się cieszę że cię zainteresował :)

Partnerów i Rywali wybiera się spośród członków Zespołu, czyli postaci graczy. Każdy gracz wybiera swoich, i relacje nie muszą być symetryczne, tzn ktoś kogo wybierzesz na Partnera może być wobec ciebie obojętny lub uważać cię za Rywala.

I don't know how many runs it took, but I played this game daily for at least last half year, and finally I beat it. Splendid fun, nice mindbender, right in my tastes.

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Thank you for answer! And while we are at that, what is the intended area of cover for "Nexialism" skill?


i'm yet to playtest Meteor (but I intend to do so in the coming year), but I have question - how does Faraday Cage Suit Mod works? I couldn't seem to find it's description in pdfs and srd.

yes it is played, yes it is awesome, yes it is relaxing

thank you