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Hello grape here. Recently I saw an article about this game getting more maps, just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to it and hope there will be some great maps to play.

Really hoping you'll do something about the camera because the character is really in the way of the view and with a locked crosshair its hard to use the ranged weapons

Just finished the 2 new levels they were quite small but the amount of content in them was really high I played around in the levels for a pretty long time but I still haven't done more than half of the stuff there is, also at the credits I noticed that this game was developed by a Lithuanian team I'm from Lithuania too so that's pretty cool!

After starting the game I wanted to share my custom character with my friends by screenshotting him from the front but couldn't do it because your character is always facing the same way the camera is. Would be cool if you could just pan around the camera without the character somehow. I know I could use the customize menu bet it doesn't look too good in there.

We'll be getting a steam key right?

Sword fights in a way that you still need to pick the sword and/or shield up and flail it around with the floppy arms of yours like destroying a wall with the wrecking ball or something like that :^)

I really love this game, there are so many different things you can do with just moving your hands. I'm really looking forward for more great maps to play, maybe a car you can drive, maybe some mountain to scale, maybe a medieval battle with catapults and swords. The possibilities are endless. I strongly suggest playing this game for yourself.