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Messiah Supreme community · Created a new topic Problem

Hello. i've got small problem after sending out Mari's Parents there was dialog about books and exp. after that only 3 options available My room Marie's Room and Living room... i can't do anything... any Help>?<

Someone had a similar problem before so try this "

Troubleshooting tips for Android:

Download Google Keyboard

Ensure you're allowing unknown sources

Have 5GB or more of storage space

Do not install on an SD card. Must be installed on your phone's main drive.

Uninstall all previous versions of Harem Hotel

To update your game on android, back up your save and delete the previous version"

What platform are you trying to run the game on?

Try 7zip and don't open the file right click and extract files to(location you want)... hope it helps.

Okay thanks :)

Hello where i can find "farm" that Chi-Chi talked about?

One of most Amazing games i've been playing. You've got talent Keep It Up :)

Got it thanks :)

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You need to obtain cooper coins :) 100 cooper coin = 1 silver coin.

Hey Dev. Amazing update as always, but i got problem with finding Evie :3 

As far as i can tell your only option will be load last save and try to save game before any event.

If she don't want any outfit train her a little (affection, sluttines etc.) Then try.

Check Board before leaving Guild House (Morning Only) and send girls to work.

Evening Market area Town Gate and after that next evening town stairs.