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Probably early 2023, I want to take as much time as possible to ensure that this will be as good as possible.

Just want to know, what do you like about this menu?

Quick question, how do you play your custom levels?

Well, I'm actually currently planning to add 3 floors to Baldi's Brand New Game Plus!

It's okay! Just be happy that the new mod coming soon! I just canceled version 1.2 because I wanted Baldi's Brand New Game to actually feel like a bigger and better version after the level generator was removed.

This is actually a good one, and maybe instead of the phone and tape player confusing Baldi, they can attract him to your location.

Now I'm currently adding the Lockdown event, but it's a little bit different. Instead, all of the Swinging Doors lock for 60-80 seconds.

A few months ago, it's honestly fine that you forgot.

You should add those character-specific modifiers that I suggested a while back, and also take a look at some of the other things I suggested.

These are both very great achievements! I will definitely add them.

Yes! You made a tutorial! That threw me off and I couldn’t figure out how to add Portal Posters. I will use that, and Portal Posters will make an appearance. The Ban Hammer will most likely be removed since it’s very broken and overpowered.

Suggestion: Add an invincibility toggle that prevents Baldi from catching you when toggled on. I know you can do this by noclipping, but I don't like always having to noclip if I want to avoid Baldi.

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Unfortunately, I don’t know how to add grappling hooks myself. I wish I could help with that.

I actually figured it out (it was pretty easy), and it will be included in Baldi's Brand New Game version 1.2!

Let me just ask you, how on God's green Earth did you manage to pull it off?

Hello SadColoredMods, I'm just going to tell you that I'm going to play your mod and check it out! I'm excited to see it!

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Does this version have improved NPC AI? This means they will walk down the middle of the hallway instead of going up against walls.

That's neat!

Is Baldi's Fun New School Plus Ultimate Edition ready for me to test yet?

Great suggestions! I will definitely look into them, but I don't think I can improve the AI to make them walk down the middle of the hallway, although I would like to do that.

It’s fine! Do whatever you want with the open source version! I wouldn’t have made it open source if I didn’t want people to do stuff with it, trust me.

You should do a video on version 1.0, since it’s the final version and you can now earn achievements! Your achievement idea was also added. Also, there are currently 22 achievements, but more are going to come.

Also, there are 24 Achievements as of now, and there will probably be more in the future.

This is a good one!

So I tried adding it back, and it makes the performance (FPS) drop like mad. So unfortunately, I don't think I can do that. There is a surprise coming with 1.0 though, so stay tuned for that!

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It won't be an option anymore, it will actually just use the classic sounds.

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Ooh! That's a good one! I'm going to add that one.

That is such a good idea!!!

That’s a good idea!

I will see about that, I've tried it before and failed. Since I'm better with C# now, I can probably do that.

I've been thinking about making Baldi quicker in order to increase the difficulty.

I think having all on using custom mode is too easy. To make it difficult, it will be beating it without ANY items.

So I asked SeenWonderAlex, and he said no. So I can’t add 5th Prize, even if I add his name to the credits.

It's the last major update, but I do plan to give it smaller updates beyond this one.

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Sorry, this was actually part of 0.8! I forgot to take this page down.

So the Ban Hammer can be used on any NPC by right-clicking on them with the Ban Hammer. It will then ban that NPC for 1 minute (60 seconds), and then unban them! There will also be a sound so that you know when the NPC is unbanned.

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Well, now that I know C# pretty well, there will be a ton of new things in version 1.0. I'm going to try challenging myself to add Achievements. Recreating the Alarm Clock from Classic Remastered was actually very simple.

That’s actually going to be easy to add, since 5th Prize uses 1st Prize’s AI.

Which one would you like to see the most? If I add all of them, then it will be way to cluttered with characters.