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Awesome on the fields however my field 88 loaded with no grass - just the painted green texture. If it happens again on load of the map update, I'll look for conflicts first and if none - get you a screen. Thanks again for the great map!

Map looks good on initial load. It looks like Field 88 needs to be defined in the xml (it didn't create on my load) and I came across one spot missing some buildings (I loaded all files listed above) - only recommendation I have would be to use more in-game assets to reduce dependence on additional mods (personal preference, you do you!). Other than what I've mentioned, looks fantastic and can tell you've put a TON of effort into it. Looking fwd to enjoying this map.

The Vermeer.xml file; anywhere in the file is fine, I put it at the end.

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Mod has an error b/c of Giants 1.5 - doesn't affect gameplay...yet.  Here is the fix for the xml

<ai supportsAIJobs="false">