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I'm not going lie, with main character it would be better. Plus it gives additional options like licking, nipples sucking, etc. But I understand, it's hard and time consuming work. But I still liking it and this is refreshing to see not furry game!

It's alright. But I really like that you can choose between top and bottom! And the animation is great too!

I can only have sex with Father Joachim in the demo right?

Artstyle wonderful as always! Looking forward to it!

It's so funny to play as Lube fairy! And I really like the art style!

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I had similar problem. You should activate all kinks.

I can't build a bridge in a bamboo grove. I use the lumber, character says the bridge is done but nothing happened!

That would be ideal!

Question. Can we top Aaron?

Yeeeees! Mooooore!

I know and I did. That's why I want it more!

It's so strange to see Ekram's tops you. Can I top him in a futher?

I don't see chapter 5. Only Chapter 1/2/3/4 Second Season.

With animation would be better. Even if take much more time. Or you can do CG without animations to release game earlier and add animations later. I very like what you doing so anyway I will wait as long as it necessary.

Hello Ryu!

I noticed something on Rex model. White triangle near the finger and white contours around arms.

And by the way, game is awesome! 

Hello Ryu!

Thank you for this game! I very enjoying it so far. Story is intriguing and art style is great! 

And find out about Karl's origins was unexpected and pleasant surprise!