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i adored this read! i found the banter so charming, and the comedy is so well-placed. the moments of sadness, was often alleviated by a funny gag that had me grinning widely. i ADORE all the characters. i wonder where it is quinn is spending their money...  

i think you wrote the protagonist wonderfully. i understand being sheltered, and the feeling of being "out-of-your-depth" is so true to life. T_T) i may have bonded with this protagonist more than i should've. i, fortunately, know where money comes from; however, the thought of "i don't know how to do this thing everyone knows how to do" hit close to home. also, i'm the youngest of four, so. 

all of the lore regarding the protag's family, while plentiful, hadn't overwhelmed me, much to my surprise? they made me giggle and smile because, a lot of the time, they were the most absurd things. but i love how it's rooted in serious tones. there's a dark history. 

i truly, truly enjoyed your writing. i can't wait to see what awaits our noble next! (i wanted to share my favorite character, but i hold all of them so fondly, LOL. maybe quinn? <3 their jests have stolen my heart.)

i ended up finishing the game the same night, so i have to say with confidence: that i absolutely ADORE this visual novel. the themes resonate with me so, so much.. thank you for writing, illustrating, coding, etc.'ing this gorgeous gorgeous game!!!! asexual solidarity.... sending hugs

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i absolutely ADORE this game. literally spent an ALL NIGHTER going through arc 1/2... but currently playing arc 3 and (SPOILERS AHEAD)

can someone reassure me that iggy won't keep being mean to genzou? or will this be a constant theme for arc 3? 😭 i just love my baby boy. my fail guy. he's my wife. arc 1/2 made me fall head over heels for him, and now it's crushing my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this how orlam felt

edit: i have to keep taking breaks whenever iggy is mean to genzou. i'm so normal about genzou (lie) 


now i'm on arc 4, and i'm already crying my eyes out minutes in cause (SPOILERS) gidget is struggling with her image and expectations and that HITS. then, then you DEMON, YOU, HIT ME WITH.. WITH THE GENZOU IGGY CONVO. "would you be with someone like me?" "to me... being with that person is enough." i'min TEARS.. this is a horrible game for an ace-spec, genderqueer person. (positive)

update, i was worried we'd return to rude iggy like before - but no. iggy is Normal and joking with genzou and to be honest, this might be worse. this might be worse. the blatant pining... oh, iggy..... "you'd have to be blind to be attracted [...]" oh my god. genzou is the strongest soldier in all humankind. in all bunnykind. 

oh!! then don't mind me, hehe. i read  beatrice's pov first cause i liked her nickname – but my sentiment of "do nat last!" stays strong! i'll definitely reread with the context i've learned though!

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a beautifully written piece that talks about transphobia in women's sports :''') know nothing bout crew but i was never lost. i love how you formatted it, too!! it's that feeling of, "damn, i wish i thought of that." and switching between povs... very cool. to anyone reading, i recommend playing in order. save nat's for last!

(i'm pretty sure it's meant to be read in order, but i didn't realize that at first..)

all the girlies (gender neutral) coming here to reminisce <3 thank you scout, for the joy you brought us all. anya, i hope you're well!

could be intentional, but your portfolio requires permission to access! 

this was amazing!! oh my god. i have a soft spot for slice-of-life, and this really, really took the cake for me. i adore this visual novel. it truly played with my feelings. i found myself laughing so much!!! and usually, comedic timing is really difficult to do imo - but you guys just cracked the code. i love how nuanced every single character is. like, it's never a dull moment with any of them!! i absolutely loveee all the sprite-work, like - the expressions are cute, the outfits are amazing. i can't say it enough, the sprites are spectacular!!!! the art style, in general. my god. the artwork, the sheer amount of cgs, there's so much love poured into this and it's well fucking worth it - because it really ties the entire experience together!!! so much details in this vn is like, the cherry on top of the chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream on top of the sundae!! god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

the writing for the characters is so lovely, too. they all felt flawed and grounded, and i really appreciated it. nobody's perfect!!! they all felt like real teenagers, grappling with real teenager problems and emotions and shit. i found myself hating characters, then loving them the next moment. scarlett, especially, grinded my gears - but thinking of how a lonely freshman girl might feel, with strict parents and a pencil-pusher (read my tone as fond, mostly) brother... i can't exactly blame her. she got a sick tattoo, honestly. props to her. (also, "I don't even like guys"?? i see you, scar.) 

i could go on forever and ever about this vn, but i'll leave it after this note. i do hope we see more of lori's passion for music!! pick up that acoustic guitar, girl!! follow your dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!! i believe she can be the next taylor swift, i believe in her. i'm also hoping on more mentions of cody, but i also understand if he's simple just - "the one that got away" sorta deal. "right guy, wrong time" maybe. he's probably off in college now, hope he's doing good too - even if he ghosted our girl. all to say, what an amazing game!!!! <3 you all did spectacular. (also forgot to mention reese and taylor. i love them. end comment.)

an amazing game that's so, so engaging!!! it immediately absorbs you within the narrative with gorgeous art, absolutely lovely music, and excellent writing. anyone interested in meeting a charming cast of characters, all from completely differing settings, "Night At The Museum"-style will get a kick out of this!! i certainly enjoyed the varying aesthetics. seeing a goth lady, a cyberpunk man, and fashion disaster + the rest of the cast converse with one another? it made me giggle, don't get me started on the conversations. having played pitstop in purgatory, i have to say - poetry in purgatory is very much of the same quality. if not, more!!! the UI is absolutely gorgeous, like. i genuinely sat there stunned at how detailed all the features are. so much love and thought was clearly put into this!! i could write forever about this, but i'll leave it at that. please, please, play this game. 

never played pizza tower he just looked sweet would kiss again

you never miss!!!!!! another amazing VN from you!!! azram is a sweetie pie and i will forever rotate him in my brain. i'd play cards with him next to a warm hearth while taking shelter in a tavern due to the heavy rainfall forever 

this was an incredibly fun game, helen!!! you really knocked it out of the park! the characters are so charming, the sprites are well done, the CGs are - so cute!!!!!! oh my god. ez and leon took my heart and ran with it! 

ALSO, the vashti bunyan music? i was so excited i recognized her. amazing taste. 

i've yet to find the secret route, BUT i had to comment.  i'll probably add more once i find that jester route!

i've been waiting for this day!! finally have the time to sit down and read. so excited!

loved the characters!!! 10/10 would harvest date them again!!

oh my god two days after my birthday?? the best gift ever in my entire life

spoiler warning! 

what an amazing game. :,) god, i hated ezrebeth throughout. in a manner both endeared and annoyed. for one, her attitude towards her "family" grated my gears, yet how it softened towards charta... and eventually i learnt, ezrebeth is a woman who has been hurt very, very gravely - and it moved me deeply. she felt human. despite my (fond) frustrations with her, that's what kept me engaged in her story. 

it took me a while to recognize our vol. i think it's around ezrebeth praising vol for being a hero that i realized. he's adorable!! it's so interesting to see how his branch of the family is like, especially since we had that in the painting for astrid. and ohhhh, that twist at the end - i've forgotten if ezrebeth had her name revealed in pitstop; so i was very surprised!! it explains how vain she is.

i loved the character designs and sprite art. beautiful, as per usual!! it fills my heart with joy to see visual novels with older characters taking the spotlight. it's not something you find often. so happy to have seen more of our fellow deities. very, very interesting! guide assigned little brother, lmaoo.

apologies for this spew of thoughts. happy new years, dev team! <3 i wish you all the best for future projects. keep creating, i'll be cheering you on!

hey there, i'm on day 5 of chris' route, and i'm currently stuck!! SPOILERS for day 5 chris route:

after sending mails to verify zeke's story, nothing else has happened? the hint hasn't changed from "send mails to verify zeke's story" so i'm wondering if i've missed something. i'm on mac, so maybe that's part of the issue! thank you! 

i'm one of the many people who played this years ago, and are now coming back to relive the memories. this was a STAPLE in my young, queer life!!! i like to think this is what brought on my love for visual novels, as i don't remember a time before i played this where i was so invested in vns. 

this game is SO memorable, such a gem. please never stop creating stories!!! i'm so excited for the sequel, i cannot wait. 

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ahh, what a lovely experience this was!! it gave me a sense of comfort, with the sweet tunes, familiar dialogue, and cozy art. then the creepy shit started happening and— AGH! what a ride!!!!!!! i related to to moriah's struggles, so i got particularly emotional near the endings. the cast of characters are adorable, and i love when they revealed pieces of their life. also moriah and keziah were deffo flerting. i can spot gays from yards away 

i recall playing the demo a while back, and i'm so excited to find that the full version is out!! i've got it downloading now <3 i'm so hyped.

i get this feeling. and everytime we kiss, i swear i could fly /lyr

anyways i love this!! managed to do most puzzles on my own, which i'm proud of! a really fun concept you executed well <3 i could still follow the story, despite my brain jumping between minigames

oh my god i'm so so so so excited!!!!!!!!!! <3 ahhh i just thought to check this in case for updates and what do you know? it has!! recently too!! ahhhh so hyped

my head is about to explode im so excited

ee so excited to play!! <3

congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you lot :]] heres to your future endeavors as a team!!

TEARS IN MY EYES, AGHHH..... im so glad to learn where astrid got her winning personality, even if it was through heartbreak <3 wonderful game

came from manlybadasshero's playthrough to play it myself, and what a lovely game!! while short, it was fun. pretty good for something you did in one night!! (cro is so silly. just a guy. probably banned from  multiple states)

i want to see my little boy (here he comes)

i'm trying not to be attracted to these characters with fruits for heads, it's proving to be a difficult challenge... why are they all so endearing and adorable?? i literally can't pick a favorite. if i could, i'd squeeze them into my pocket where they're safe and sound from zombies and keep them there!!

one thing i'm having trouble with is the back/forward feature? it'd be nice if it worked with the scroll wheel on a mouse! since i have the tendency to skip through bits of dialogue </33 just the tiniest smallest gripe! not even much of a gripe really! overall though, amazing demo!! 

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i'm loving it! i've done the routes in the order recommended and i've been having a lot of fun. i have to say, the voice acting is really well done!! i'm no professional, so take what i say with a grain of salt— but voice acting sometimes takes me out of a visual novel. it was so well voice-acted, i didn't have this issue! so props to the VAs and whoever directed them!! <3 

spoiler territory!

all the characters are very endearing. i adore the main cast, and seeing their friendship. (like, bb/x are clearly besties. even if they bicker. while key/watcher are close friends. in offkey's route, watcher vcs key when she was feeling off (get it. off. key. offkey?) and key gives you advice in watcher's route! friendship goals.) i usually have a favorite, but i love all of them too much...

i also love love the integration of their respective cultures. seen especially with watcher, as part of his plot has to do with his feeling of disconnect to his identity. it's something i relate to, so it tugged at my heartstrings. :') speaking of, bb's asexuality!! aah! an explicit ace character! that brought me so much joy. (and the option to say we're asexual? the cherry on top of an already amazing VN.)

i can go on and on, but i'll leave it here! i still have professor x's romance route to do! (with the recent update, hopefully, that'll be easier. OTL) TLDR; spectacular, wonderful, extraordinary

this was such a fun experience! the moments of comedy made me laugh, and the sad scenes genuinely moved me. i enjoyed aimee as a protagonist so much!! i love her personality. she's ambitious and driven and intent on saving her family, which i adore. 

this is spoiler territory! 

i loved the romantic interests. i did jules' route first, and i didn't expect to love him as much as i do. he's such a sweetheart, even if he keeps sneezing on aimee. i feel so bad for him, what with his controlling mother and all. the moments of kindness made my heart warm!! agh! i love jules. and then there's claude, whose just— everything. the sprites where he smiles made my heart squeeze. how can he look so cute?? it's unfair? i love the mischievous side he has. choosing to skip work to help aimee. adorable. and i can't forget lulu. his fondness for the chick added to his cuteness. 

i'm so glad there was an ending where zephir and colette escaped. they deserve it. i found both of their personalities so endearing! they deserve their happy ending!! i just remembered— aimee got to punch godefroy in the face. that was cathartic. whoever decided that, props to them. the third route would still be my favorite for that alone, but you had to add the fact aimee's dating both of the guys! it made me so, so happy!! claude as a gardener. oh, i can imagine him having a little duck chicken pond for lulu. and jules, making clothes for aimee!! i want him to be happy. forever. 

TLDR; basically, i love this visual novel! everything about it is specifically aimed to appeal to me. stan henri. 

he's coming soon i'm going to explode

played through all the romance routes in one sitting, and man!! oh man! here's a block of text, primarily of me rambling:

i love every single character. (eric's on thin ice.....) i love the banter between them, especially anything to do with christy. my girl. my bestie. christy route when?  i love thomas as a bg character, too! he's so kind, even if he's practically running the entire school by himself. (while being a dad? hello, sir?) i'm very excited for the mr. fox route!! (is he and lars, you know.. limp wrist. or am i overthinking things??) i loved hanna as an mc. she's so pretty, i can see why all the guys are head over heels for her... i would be too. cgs and backgrounds were spectacular! <3 so much love to the artist. and to everyone who worked on this!! last thing: i found the texting sooo fun. the silly sloth stickers... especially the convos between edgar and hanna!!! okay that's all, thank you!

what a lovely committee! would paint again!!

oh my god this was a ROLLERCOASTER!!!! in the best way. i love them all.


 i see that other people left kenji for last too. when i had the idea it was playing out as a normal dating sim, i was trying to save my faves for last (haru and kenji! but i do love the other two, too) so when haru started going off on my ass i was like "whew. okay." but i still love him... i'm going to do another run where i start with haru + kenji! see where that leads

i got a community copy, and i'm so excited to play! been dming my friends to see if anyone's up for it. here's to hoping someone's interested!! (thank you to those buying! and to of course, the creator!)

i'm loving this so much so far! i'm so happy with the fact that some routes end in friendships, while others take a more romantic turn. i started with sol, so my initial thoughts were "oh, are all endings going to be more platonic?" not that i minded, it just wasn't what i expected! played dominic next. he's one hell of a — then alexandre. and MAN. with how sol and dominic's routes went, i didn't expect the kisses and i was freaking out LOL... i'm now about to play kaito!! it's such a lovely game genuinely! <3

i played this game a WHILE back, so returning to see the xyx route done and all the fun updates makes me so excited!!! (person who will probably play quest's route 1000 times again)

this was so wonderful!! i loved the writing. it was both pretty and goofy at times, love it. also the centaur and naga are so cute <3 be still my woman loving heart. i also lovedddd the art!! it gave this fairytale vibe with the colors and the brush you used. overall, very lovely

if you ever do, i'll be sure to support it! <3