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Graf Vollkorn

A member registered Mar 17, 2021

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I love the looks and in general the vibes with the story n stuff. i would love to see more of this :)

great game, wow! maybe add a way to acces settings in-game, but otherwise it's awesome and I love the simple gameplay

very cool :D

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fun small game. The edges are really helpfull but I would like a little bigger hitbox of the dust :3


very nice :)

I like it! Very fun to play through and looks quite good. The wire concept was a bit hard to understand at first but once I did it was fun. Also your font is kind of weird; it cuts off some of the letters :/

Great game and very fun. I would be interested what your highscores are. Mine is 27

Nice! xD

nice game! The music absolutely slaps and I like the gameplay. I needed some time to realise you can use the vertical axis XD

Would recommend you reading other comments^^

Just left and right, left and right

I like it! its challanging but not frustrating. Im not sure if I missed something but there is currently only one level right?

Cool game. I really love the concept and the execution is quite good but man im just too bad for level four :( xD

Nice game. very cute and fun :)

cool game. I liked the fighting system but the it just hasn`t much content :(

Nice game! like the graphics and it never became frustrating. the level-layout kind of suggests the solution but thats the only thing.

Great game! Very charming and fun. Only the controls are a bit weird to me and I´d love gamepad controls ;)

Really like the game. I think checkpoints would have been cool. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

nice game! I would really like gamepad controls and i dont know if thats just me but the walljumping is really hard

I`m pretty sure you need to go up at this part( with more momentum)

a nice little game! i really enjoyed my time. I would have liked wasd and jumping with space a bit more.

a cool game. its just depressing :(  xD

great game! btw i figured out that you can spam q at the boxes and get infinite money.

cute game. i dont know how to progress though. and is it intentional that you can walljump on every rightfacing surface?

ah ok thx

creative and fun! its not cool if you are in a block. You maybe should have made that impossible or something.

The main character is called a Racoon in the description, a human in the end and looks like an axolotl ;)

This game is so cool!  I really enjoyed it so far but I´m also stuck at the graveyard-part and I would love gamepad controls.

Nice game! I found a bug  where you can fly over the enemys if you spam up and down.