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this looks a lot like a game on steam called spellwake. except the menus are blue and there is no real login.

no problem  it was a really fun game and i can't wait for a longer version of the game.

this looks like a slightly more fleshed out version of a browser game i played called civ clicker.

oh and i also found a short cut at the end my play through only took 4 and a half minutes 

i loved the game i played it with no info besides the images on this page i took me 5min to complete i will be uploading  a video to my youtube channel (i played another game in the video to) i would love to see this as a more fleshed out game. mabey make more levels and add a new set of buttons (in another color) that act as logic gates there was the one level that seemed like you had used an and gate.