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Great one

Good job didn't play a good indie game like this for a long time 

Amazing one loved it 

Amazing one loved it 

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One of the creepiest atmosphere ever that was really devilish 

One of the creepiest atmosphere ever that was really devilish 

So great atmosphere  

These Asian games are amazing really loved this one the atmosphere , storyline and the jumpscares are so good 


Amazing game so much fun 

So much fun one 

So much fun one great atmosphere and jumpscares 

Creepy one 

Great one

Great game excited for the full version 

Amazing one great atmosphere

Great short one 

As always another great game

So much fun game but i dont know if it's a bug or not but when i go to main menu to upgrade it doesn't save the levels i completed 

Thank you glad you liked it :) 

Creepy and funny game 

A little bit frustrating but so much fun 

The atmosphere is beyond amazing  

Massive game great and funny one 

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As a second game great job this game is awesome has good atmosphere and little story but maybe putting some jumpscares would be great 

This game is awesome 

That was awesome and shocking story game 

Amazing game from the jam 

Amazing game

Great atmosphere but needs more jumpscares 

Good one but it needs more jumpscares 

Great and chilling one 

Amazing game the combat style , the mechanics , the story and these guys are so cute 

Great atmosphere but needs more jumpscares 

Great story i'm excited for the next chapters 

Thank you i'm glad you liked it :)

Amazing game with great atmosphere 

Great atmosphere

Great atmosphere