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¡Gracias, aprecio eso! Espero que pruebes mi otro juego de Unity también.

you aren't using mouselook? didn't want to give players an unfair advantage with aim assist..

It means - "the wands you are currently using and can replace or throw away".

It's just a reference. :)

checked it out and wrote a comment for you.

thank you. check out our discord and join us if you would like to help playtest, etc. :)

Really looks incredible. Thanks!

Super useful for symbols and stuff in games and designs! Thank you!

really creative and inspiring; amazing novel idea. all your work inspires me. thank you for sharing it.

thank you so much, looks great. love the style

what happened to your PC? love your work.

neat :)

great sfx for pixel games! thanks!

really great! thanks for the software!

I made it myself, using some unity asset store packages I bought.

thank you. i'm glad you like it! Do you have any additional comments about it? We have a discord as well if you would like to join in! :)

thanks for the asset!

looks good, thanks!

hello, thanks for the feedback. im trying to work on the drop frame optimization right now, do you remember what areas of the game were that lagged for you? i'll note down your comment on the coin light effect.

you're welcome hope you enjoyed the game

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