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i absolutely loved this, the vibes are just so cool!!! when do we get the full version???

how do you find thung? im assuming he's in the sewer but theres no way to get down there.

thanks for fixing the bail bonds glitch!

gotcha! sorry i didn't realize you could save it that way my bad

wait what do u mean by saving it in another saved game?

also sorry to keep bothering you, but how do i get rid of previous saved games in the slots, since they just start at the beginning anyway

are we supposed to save it from within the game? bc as far as i can tell theres no button to do that.  i clicked save game at the beginning, but it didn't save anything.

yeah when i click save game in the beginning it just takes me to the start of the game and all of the items/tasks i have are lost.  i ended up quitting the game since i couldnt get out of the bail bonds place but if you fix the saving id go back and do it all over again bc i really like the game!

how do you get out of the bounty hunter place??  my progress wont save for some reason and ive already worked so hard that i cant lose my progress. help!