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A member registered Sep 12, 2017

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1/a. I only managed to calibrate it once when the two directions weren't mixed up, but it got messed up again when I started the program the third time.

1/b. It wasn't an axis being reversed (up is down, down is up), it was the two changed up (up is left, down is right). So there's no way to fix it on Linux at the moment.

1/c. I'll check out wejoy, thanks.

End result: I'm using my laptop instead, booting win10. Having loads of fun. I'm still terrible at it but in my defense I'm starting from Acro with high rates so it will take a while. Sometimes it clicks and I make a bit of progress and it feels awesome. I probably won't even try flying my quad for a few more weeks before I get the hang of the controls.

Tried it on Windows in a VirtualBox VM - worked perfectly (except of course the graphics isn't the best and is a bit laggy).

Tried it on Linux next: The throttle axis settings were switched up. Up was left, Right was down. I ran it again, problem disappeared, but the calibration was still buggy. I have managed to set the trim & scale settings manually to make it work, now it's running fine. Awesome!

Restarted the program in Linux: it forgot the calibration settings. It's messed up again, axises on the throttle are switched up again.

So questions:

1) Any way to make the Linux version save the settings?

2) How to make the Linux version display on a specific monitor? I have 4 and it always picks the one furthest away from me.

Thanks in advance. Ps. I'm heading to buy the software anyway. In the worst case I can continue to use the choppy Windows version, but hopefully you can help me to make the Linux version work properly (and not have to re-calibrate every time).