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Thank you @TheMrAngel, I took almost 1.5 hours just balancing the gameplay so it feels perfect >.<!

The mechanics are there, and they look very interesting :) the graphics ruin if for me though... its so messy. I like that you made animations for everything and it really makes the game feel alive. No sound kind-of sucks.. even basic *pew pew* sounds made with your mouth would have been fine for the 12h jam hehehe. Good try though, hope you have learned a lot making this :)

Game seemed a bit devoid of doing things. Going around and knocking trees felt ok but the building seemed a bit pointless.

You can overflow the ammo count by doubling your weapon + ammo and then you're dead ^_^ should have a check for the value so it doesnt exceed maximum.

Not that bad for a 10h game. Hope you have learned a lot from making it! :)

The flashlight effect looks pretty interesting, I like what you have done with it!

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Player untill the game ran out of memory (web version). Fun, simple, and i love the end game touches.