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Very cool game, nice, smooth animations and sounds. At the same time it's a little tricky to get the rocket to work correctly, especially when the fuel runs out. Very nice, I liked it :)


Thank you sooo very much, your words mean a lot for me :) What I was afraid of is that the game was not really finished (I spent too much time learning stuff instead of actually building the game) and that it gives little response to the player, so animations are definitely in my TOLEARN list :) I hope next time I will be able to fulfil more in a given time limit, but I definitely learned a lot. Thank you very much for giving my game a chance and leaving the nice words :)

Also, thank you for the heads up, I was not sure if I exported the game correctly :) I am glad it worked in the end :)

Very good job, fun to play, and challenging enough to make it interesting but not too frustrating ;) Love it :)

That is so cool game, simple but so engaging and fun! I have a lot to learn, and you game visualised how much I have to learn :) I loved it, very cool! :) BTW. It did now work on Opera, had to switch to Safari to play it.


Apologies I kept you waiting - I honestly didn't expect anyone to test my game, I am so happy you decided to do so ! :) And, I consider your comment highly flattering - it was my first game EVER and I had no experience before it, so the things you said were very nice for me. Thank you, that really boost my desire do do more gamedev related stuff ;)

Thank you for the feedback about the extraction points - I had a problem making this whole process efficient and I might have miscalculated the speed of automatic placement vs extraction points. I should probably keep it in mind in a future, as my initial idea was to make extraction points the most efficient way of saving people.

And yes, you are right, natural disasters are not yet in a game - I started developing it, implemented the map with them and a rendom system of choosing them, but due to my lack of skills all took much longer, than I expected, and I had to drop the natural disasters idea if I wanted to make it before a deadline. I need to check, if I can still add it now, or if it's too late - I didn't add it yet as I am not sure, if it is against the rules.

Thank you again, I am really happy you didn't say, that my game was total disaster :) I am glad, you liked at least some parts of it, it really helps me a lot :)