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id like to work with you.

How are you able to play any game at that point? just get yourself a better GPU maybe a 1660.

Honestly I think it would run on your device with at-least 50 fps if Emis added more settings to make it look more potato.

I love your work! the game looks good and its very fun.

This low poly style makes the game way better.

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Hey Emis, Just make sure to ur game is all optimized and ur good.

Optimization for older hardware is what makes games actually good.

My friend was playing this on 30 fps with an intel graphics card and 8gb ram i think.

You should continue this!

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should probably lower zombie's damage by 10, make box look better maybe with texture idk, overall the game looks and is much better than the previous update

LMAO so for some reason when i launch this game it also launches oculus and steam vr tf?

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cringe game pls dont play it, it was my first game lol

go back to making survey games

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cringe game from tutorial pls dont play

hate? literally stfu LOL