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Goose Fat Games

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very sweet small little game :)

Super cute and cant wait to see if you do anything more than this! Love the art style :) 

Amazing artwork, good story behind it and I really enjoyed this short game <3

Great start to what is going to be a fun game! Love the edition of personalizing your own mask, would be great if you could have different animal head shapes! Love the demo and can't wait for the finished product!

What a beautifully done game. I got two endings, Survivor and the one where she sadly ends her life. Both twists in the story lines were incredible and the game is really well made. 10/10 for art as well!

I LOVE THIS! Made me chuckle and was really entertaining!

adorable! great music and I love the aesthetics but also how the game moves from room to room. Great job!


Absolutely loved it, once i figured out how to throw the pizza. My suggestion for you guys is to have the controls explained in game at the beginning, as it would be so much easier to figure out!! Loved it though, really really funny!!