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Wow, this game has improved a lot! Thanks for adding the Reverb controller support.  

One issue that I'm having is that when I tap any of the menus on my wrist, they appear waaaaay over to my right. I can kind of chase them by spinning in a circle, but mostly they're too far away to interact with. So things like my inventory, preferences, and the like. I was able to move it with my hand for a moment, but I haven't been able to replicate it since.  


I suspect this has to do with resetting the camera in steamvr not applying to the menus as well.

Thank you!

Is there a VR build yet? I plan to buy it once there is.

Hey is keybinding the new WMR controllers on your radar? SteamVR keybinding doesnt work with this game yet. The grip button closes the hand but cant interact with any objects.

doing god's work

I have figured out that the scanner activates by hitting the utilities button on the glove, so in effect this isn't game breaking. I did like the idea of a hand gesture though.

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I think I found the terminal for crypto in chinatown. Right at the entrance, is that it? If so it's yet another thing that cant be interacted with on the redesigned WMR motion controllers.

Just to be clear, is this just a gameplay mechanic or did you start your own actual crypto which you happen to be able to mine in game?

In the fast travel map the hand models are completely disconnected from the HP Motion controllers by about a foot. To interact with the menus on this screen specifically I must reach further in, basically touching the buttons with my elbows. 

In the sewer map, taking the left path all the way to the end, there is nothing preventing the player from falling into the water.  

Activating the helmet scanner, which used to be a difficult gesture on the G2 due to the oversized tracking rings, is now impossible. The finger point does not activate anything.  

I was able to collide with a cassette tape with my hand, knocking it to the floor. This is further evidence that there is probably some way to pick up objects in this game, however it still does not work with the HP motion controllers. I have tried the developer keybinds, the community keybinds, and custom keybinds.

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Still can't pick anything up in G2 but also no longer get the little white indicators as if things are meant to be picked up so I don't know if anything was ever supposed to be picked up. I think we're supposed to be able to grab things, otherwise the claw machine doesn't really make sense. Right now the claw only moves up and down because I cant grab the joystick.  

Activating the scanner is an impossible gesture on the G2 and I thought "Index finger point to trigger AR HUD" was some sort of fix but I honestly can't figure this out either.

"- Index finger point to trigger AR HUD" 

I cant wait to try this. Tapping the side of the helmet was finicky on the G2.

I dont think that running is a feature that's been programmed yet. As far as grabbing things, I think that's a problem specific to the new HP motion controllers. I wish I knew what I was looking for in key bindings to fix it. I just dont know.

The AI character in the hotel room is fantastic. Are you planning on doing more like that?

Using the g2 I use the openxr tools to lower the resolution to about 70 and turn on reprojection. Then it all seems more or less good. 2070super.

You have to stick your controller into the text. It isnt a point and click thing oddly.

Well there are certain objects, cans and such, that have a little circle indicator that makes me think they can be grabbed, but nothing actually does it. I can close my hand next to them, and the description of the gloves suggests remote grabbing should be a thing. But the only things I can interact with are the contextual menus.  

Yeah so the main problem with the emulator is just that no matter what file I choose, something else plays. Like I choose star fox, and it plays jack Nicklaus golf. I choose donkey kong, and it plays jack nicklaus golf. I choose mortal combat, and it plays jack Nicklaus golf.  I choose mario, it plays home improvement.


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Cant figure out how to grab objects using the new WMR controllers on the HP Reverb G2. It looks like the game treats them like the oculus touch controllers but the button layout is the same so I dont know what to change in the bindings.  


Also the SNES emulator seems to choose games at random, I cant select any specific one. I have like 60 games in there. Maybe that's too many?  Any way of re-mapping the SNES buttons would be appreciated.

Also the emulator now has some bad audio issues compared to two revisions ago.


Custom music works great. I wonder if it would be possible to use music aliases instead of a copy so I dont have to bloat my drive by having two music libraries. I think I saw a walkman somewhere. Will I be able to pick that up and take my music with me at some point?  


I'd love it if I could put my own content in the theater.