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Just tested it this evening.

As i only know Tiny combat arena since yesterday i might be wrong but I feel like with this flight model it's more about energy management.  I like it.

The way planes behave at slow speed with the older fm is too far from reality for me.

So i would say that i prefer this new fm.

In my opinion adding a cockpit view with only the hud would help to test the fm.

By the way i really love the desert map, just one thing, flying over the white areas is difficult, i can appreciate how close to the ground i am.

And i miss a compass to know where i am.

Well that's all for now,

Thanks for sharing your work, i really like this game!


I just discovered your game yesterday and i have to say it'sabsolutely stunning.

I've tried almost any flight sims available from Tornado up to DCS, i work on professionnal simulators, i fly light aircrafts as a hobby and your game is the game i was waiting for.

Today flight sim games need too much time to tune and enjoy them. 

Here we have no steep learning curve, great low poly graphics and great playability in every detail.

I love it. And i saw a cockpit view is wip, I can't wait for it (imho you could avoid to animate the gauges, just add the hud and that's enough)

Just my 2 cents: 

Adding fuel management could be great.

Of course multiplayer mode would add another dimension but i understand it's a big step.

I'm a big fan, congrats!