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A member registered Sep 01, 2021

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1st (also can you make a mario madness test 2.0 and can you add gb, beta luigi, and wario appariation)

AMOGUS (im sorry i had to do it

we need the whole nightmare gang in one test

aight :) 

ok so we cool now

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ok how bout we just drop this arguement cuz obviously this aint getting us nowhere

im sorry for being an asshole

please i dont want this situation to get worse and lets just pretend this never happened aight 

nice grammar 

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hey cock-wig hope you like minecraft cuz you got blocked dick

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yea i gotta link too (this is a new fnf mod that came out today its cool the song is fire) 

lemme think.....fuck no

get rekt

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and im banging yours i got her number last night go ask her bitch🖕 thats why ya dad left ya and ya ugly asf 

yeah and ya moma ugly too not mine tho

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make me asshole you aint my fucking parents

oh i thought it was for a sec 

shouldnt soul sonic be in this test too

since he is also in the song behind sonic

idk if thats a bomb i thinks thats like a spikey heavy metal ball wit a chain on it and eggman attached it to his leg or somethin

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beep bo skeep beep

and that video should be called "homer simpson gets rickrolled"

lets go he finally did it

oh ok thx dude

i dont think there is a secret key

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eduardo: well well well

edd: Eduardo

i mean that is true

thats what i said. i said "what the f*** is a piggy oswald that dont exist in fnf or anywhere else"

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ok does it matter if its not good cuz no the f*** it doesnt

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what (were you saying that just to be a smartass not being mean or nothing and that would be cool)

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1st (also can you make a mario madness test) secret key is u



yeah i learned that one day by a teacher 

dayum good choice 

also like your profile picture looks cool

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i agree with him little over reactive if you ask me

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well well well (3rd)

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do marios madness (5th) and put alone and i hate you luigi in it

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knuckles .exe is: left right up down (space) left down up right

xenophanes: left left up up (space) right right down down

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no secondary sounds for sunky (also secret key is S)

finally a julian test (i have been waiting for this)

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4th (btw you should do whitty definitive edition) 

thats a great idea

yeah all of them are pretty dang good but if i had to pick 1 i would have to go with either unknown suffering or battere